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Abductee Betty Hill Slams Abduction Research

[This text contains brief excerpts from a long interview with Betty Hill, conducted by Peter Brookesmith and published in the April 1998 edition of Fortean Times. CNI News does not necessarily endorse Betty Hill's position.]

Betty Hill and her late husband Barney were apparently abducted by a UFO in September, 1961. The event became a template for abduction claims that we hear today. But Betty Hill is not impressed by most of the modern stories, as Peter Brookesmith discovered when he visited her at home in New Hampshire.

According to Brookesmith, those who promote the abduction phenomenon or, by their silence, do nothing to temper its excesses, do not amuse Betty. In 1995, she published "A Common Sense Approach to UFOs," which tells of her long involvement in UFO and abduction investigation.

"I have the feeling that most UFO organizations dislike my book," Hill told Brookesmith in a letter before their face-to-face interview. "None of them have reviewed it."

Following is a brief sample of Betty Hill's statements to Peter Brooksmith:

"I try very hard not to have guilt feelings about the way stupid people have misinterpreted my experience. The reason I wrote this book was to try to get across to people that they should stay away from hypnosis. Don't let anybody fool around in your brain. I mean, you have problems enough to live with yourself, without other people making their contribution.

"The whole problem now is the lack of understanding of hypnosis. The first stage of hypnosis is one of suggestibility... I can do hypnosis, and I can give you an abduction in 20 minutes. You can do it to anybody. See, what they use for hypnosis for abductions now is what we call 'flight of fantasy'. I do it with whole groups.

"In this country, they say three million people have been abducted [a reference to the 1991 Roper poll on "Unusual Personal Experiences" -- ed.] Not once, but continuously. Do you realize that means three or four thousand people every night are bring abducted? In this country alone? I don't know how the planes get through.

"You know those therapy groups? A woman called me. She quit. She said she got fed up. That therapy group ends up in 'I'll show you the kind of sex I had on board the UFO if you show me the kind of sex you had on board the UFO.' No matter what the subject is, it's 'Me Too!' I call 'em the Me-Too People.

"Whereas every real abduction has been totally different. There are no duplications. Actually, the real abductions, you've never heard of. Because nobody's writing any books about 'em."

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