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The Book of Ancient Revelations
by Hugh Fox
Reviewed by Benjamin Roos

Updated: July 31, 2009

A review of The Book of Ancient Revelations by Hugh Fox,
published by EcceNovo Editions,
Victoria, B.C., 2004,
$17.95. (ISBN 0973164891)

Some years ago, while in the Louvre in Paris, Professor Fox saw a similarity between a drawing on a Greek pot depicting Hercules killing a merman and a drawing of the same scene on an ancient pot of the Mochica Indians from Peru. Both dated to around 300 B.C. There wasn't supposed to be any connection, but when Fox began to look at more Mochica pots, lo and behold, he began to see Phoenician writing all over them. No one had noticed the Phoenician writing on Mochica pots before.

Slowly he realized that all the drawings on all the hundred and hundreds of surviving Mochica pots from Peru depicted Hercules mythology, and he flew over to Cádiz, Spain, where the most important Phoenician Hercules temple was, and met the professor who was excavating the temple itself, now under water. They exchanged ideas and books and the Spaniard was not at all surprised that Fox had found Phoenician writing and Hercules mythology all over Peruvian pots: "The Romans were utterly annihilating the Phoenicians and they could travel anywhere, no problem. Why not Peru?" Some years earlier Fox had proven that there was another Phoenician colony in Mexico, a discovery he discusses in his The Gods of the Cataclysm (Harper's Magazine Press, 1976).

He became interested in ancient alphabets (he fluently reads ancient Hebrew, but had never delved into other ancient scripts before) and one day, he saw some more writing on a pot at Tiawanaku, Bolivia. This time it was Sumerian, dating from some time around 3,000 B.C., and it read TI-A-NAKU, which Fox immediately linked up with the ANAKU mentioned in the Sumerian epic, Gilgamesh. Anaku is the land across the ocean where the "apples of immortality" grew.

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