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Authors and publishers do you have a book you'd like to tell our visitors about? Please send us a review of your book and a cover shot of your book and we'll consider it for inclusion here. The only condition we have is that your book must be available for purchase on either or Send your book reviews to the publisher.

Here you find some of the finest books by authors that are true experts in their paranormal fields. Some are first time authors and some are authors whose names you will instantly recognize. Read the reviews and make you own decision.

All books can be purchased through or

Glimpses 2: It could happen to you
This is a collection of 90 paranormal stories from around the world. Brought to you by Martha Jette, a retired newspaper and magazine editor from Canada, this second book is a supernatural treat you won't want to miss! Each section is split into chapters A - Q and contains a broad spectrum of subjects from `Visits from the other side', `Premonitions', `Dreams', `Angels', `Haunted Homes' to UFO's. You name it, this book has it. Click here.

Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile
Margaret Starbird's new book reveals the many faces of Mary Magdalene, examining in greater depth the question, "Who do we say that she is?" Here we focus on historical, symbolic, and mythological interpretations of the "Lost Bride" of the Christian story, attempting to restore her to the preeminent position she once held as the intimate and most favored companion of Jesus. Click here.

The Night the DeFeos Died
Although 30 years have passed, the allure of the Amityville house with its eye-like windows has yet to diminish. Amidst the stories of demonic pigs and ghostly apparitions, the real horror story remained a mystery...until now. Read what the experts are saying about The Night the DeFeos Died: Click here.

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife
There are three kinds of people in the world: Those who believe in an afterlife, those who don't, and those who whistle past the graveyard. Mary Roach sides with the nervous undecideds. She is the author of Stiff, a 2003 best seller that explored in exquisitely grisly (and hilarious) detail what happens to our bodies when we die. Click here.

Song of the Greys
Song of the Greys is an interesting, albeit very difficult to read. It covers the usual Government conspiracy subject and has a heap of Whitley Streiber thrown in. If Mr Kerner is correct then we have all been duped and our outlook is a bit depressing. Click here.

Our Haunted Planet
Since the beginning of recorded time, man and his world have been plagued by unknown forces and beings, baffled by archaeological phenomena, and haunted by prophecies that often came true. In the classic Our Haunted Planet, John Keel brings into chilling focus strange truths about the earth and its mysterious inhabitants. Click here.

Enjoy Your Own Funeral
Enjoy Your Own Funeral is documentation on Life after death. It explains and demonstrates the process by which a person's individual mind, memory banks, personality, and soul are certain to survive death and decay or cremation of the physical body, regardless of whether physical death is due to cancer, AIDS, heart attack, suicide, old age or other cause.' Click here.

The Awful Thing In The Attic
His words were interrupted by a terrible wailing - a mournful half-human, half animal sound that left both of them speechess with fright. 'It was like nothing I'd ever heard before...and then there was an awful smell that made both of uf sick. It was coming from the room where we heard the moaning.' Click here.

The Great UFO Hoax - The Final Solution to the UFO Mystery
The Great UFO Hoax is a no-holds-barred expose that will forever change the way you think about UFOs. Author Gregory M. Kanon lays waste to disinformation efforts of the military-industrial complex to reveal - for the first time ever - The Final Solution to the UFO Mystery. Click here.

The Ahriman Gate: Some Gates Should Not Be Opened
Joe Ryback, a twenty-six year old marine whose Lieutenant Colonel father was murdered under mysterious circumstances, stumbles upon a cover-up that reaches to the highest levels of US government and military agencies. Suddenly too deep to turn back, he struggles to contain the nightmarish forces closing around him and his family. Click here.

Allison Dubois: I can see dead people
The notion of people with psychic powers has always been of interest to many of us, so when we learned that an author, a woman who has had a US television series based on her life, was visiting Australia, the ABC jumped at the opportunity to speak with her. Click here.

Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens
They are neither, it turns out, and their experiences should be taken as seriously as any strongly held exotic beliefs, according to Susan Clancy, a Harvard psychologist who interviewed dozens of self-described abductees as part of a series of memory studies over the last several years. Click here.

Is Et Here?: No Politically But Yes Scientifically and Theologically
The remarkableness of Robert Trundle taking UFOs seriously is amplified by his being the first philosophy professor to argue not only for their likely presence but for their occupants sharing with us a theological-scientific belief system. In being the essential contention of the book, the potential reader might be wary of its being too academic. Click here.

Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fátima and the UFO Phenomenon
The best writings in Ufology have always drawn a clear distinction between fact and speculation. Such writings build, by way of ample factual analysis, a solid foundation upon which tentative explanations of the UFO phenomenon can be proposed. Click here.

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