Alien Abduction

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The next thing I knew it was morning and as always I jumped out of bed and had no memory of these strange men coming into my bedroom; until it happened again.
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For sixty years, four months and 20 days I never knew. Looking back how could I have not known? I should have known but for some reason my thoughts would not take me in that direction. But the reality
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On a couple of Chicago TV stations there are two shows that features segments on aliens and conspiracies. I found the information on both shows rather suspect. An example is a picture of the Sol Firt
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ONCE UPON A MISSING TIME is a powerful and emotional journey involving married couple Alan and Pamela Morrison and their teenage daughter Wendy.
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UFO Digest Reader-Possible Abductee-Needs Your Help

I don't know where to start, but over the past few months I've been having glitches in time, out of body experiences and severe deja vu.
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Are Flying Buildings the New UFOs?

Bigger odd shape crafts being reported worldwide continue to be the UFO trend
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Like Swallows Returning to Capistrano Orbs and UFOs Have Returned Long Island NY

It looks like a replay of last summer. I have had four reports from Long Islanders of large craft size Orbs being seen along the south shore of the island. Two people reported a group of three orbs...
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The reports of Orbs keep coming

When I was in my 20’s I had an experience with a strange red orb. I have been aware since that time that they exist and that they are unknown...
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The 2010 Laguna del Monte Case in Argentina - Revisited

SAN MIGUEL DEL MONTE is the seat of the district bearing the same name in the province of Buenos Aires, located 107 kilometers distant from Capital Federal. Its extensive lagoon and proximity to our c
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Arrested for Hoaxing ET Capture Story

China: Man Arrested for Hoaxing ET Capture Story: A man was arrested in China after hoaxing an account involving the capture of an alleged ET.
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White Owls and Other Strange Events

My experience with the paranormal started when I was a small child. I have partial memories of strange events happening going back to age three or four. I have clear recall of odd encounters from abou
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Defense Against Demons, Nightmares and Predatory Aliens

Electric purple light is of a frequency intolerable to low frequency demonic negative thought entities, nighttime bedroom visitors who deliver nightmares in telepathic attacks, who can seek to posses
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The Humanoid Conspiracy - Latest addition to the INEXPLICATA library

The Humanoid Conspiracy is the latest addition to the INEXPLICATA library at - a compilation of all the humanoid / CE3K writings
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Do you believe the number of UFO sightings has increased or decreased over the past year?

I have received emails lately asking if I thought the amount of UFO sightings being reported over the last year have increased or decreased? Of course I have no answer to this question as I do not ha
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UFOs and Physicists or a Belly Full of Bullies!

I tried not to write this article. I tried for weeks to just let it go and move on to other subjects I want to write about. I just could not do it and finally gave in to my anger and the need to speak


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