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Time to Stop Arguing about the Reasons for Climate Change!

The drought of 2012 isn't just stranding boats on the Mississippi, it’s turning the once-mighty river , salty.
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TWO QUESTIONS: Chemtrails Missing in the Drought? Why Do UFOs Have Warning Lights?

Sometimes I wake up with strange questions in my head, and today, I’m looking for answers to two of them: Iowa is in the middle of this terrible Drought of 2012, and as I looked up at the cloudless, o
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Predictions 2012: The Setting Sun, a New Dawn or Just Another Day?

How can anyone predict the future when quantum physics confirms that there are an infinite number of alternate realities?
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Fireball: Herald of the New Dawn

Signs have begun appearing in our skies. Objects regarded: down the ages, to be the harbingers of fateful events and the doom of nations - are once again burning a brilliant passage over our heads. Fi
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The Sun is Truly Hot Stuff!

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Wind Farms May Be Responsible For Mass Honeybee Disappearance

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Strange Events Continue...

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Strange sounds emanate from sinkhole in Russian republic

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Authorities Cannot Ascertain Source of Midnight "Explosion"

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December Earthquake Hits Christchurch In New Zealand

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When Black Friday Comes: The Ever Elusive End Of The World

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What is Poleshift and How to Live Through It?

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Planet X and Poleshift Soon

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Wild Weather


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