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Ghosts cast darker shade on store

by Jayne Elliott

Ghosts cast darker shade on storeStaff and customers at a lighting shop in North East Lincolnshire have been turning a whiter shade of pale after a spate of ghostly goings-on.

Lights drop from the ceiling, shades are thrown, doors open and slam, and footsteps echo throughout Beagles Lighting on Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby.

Paranormal investigators, who were called in by shop owner Fiona Glover, have declared the shop haunted.

Investigators from TV's "Most Haunted" will now visit the site on Saturday.

Ms Glover first noticed something was different about the shop when she moved in seven months ago.

Bulbs were repeatedly unscrewed from lamps, the front door would open to trigger off an alarm, and boxes in the store room were thrown about at night.

She finally decided to get help after a customer watched a collection of candle shades be thrown across the shop floor by some invisible force.

Investigators from the Lincolnshire and East Riding Paranormal Investigation Team have carried out extensive research into the activities.

Mediums and a shamanic pathwalker have also visited the shop to help determine who and what is haunting the shop.

Ms Glover said: "We have been told there are two men and an elderly woman who need help to go to the light.

"One of the men is aggressive and comes into the shop after visiting The Albion pub across the road. He then goes upstairs. It's thought he killed his wife."

Mediums believe one of the men could be called John and the other Tom. They also believe the surname Harrison is linked to the restless spirits.

Ms Glover and employee Sandra Keogh have been carrying out their own research into the shop.

In 1870 it was Gooseman the winemakers and a horse corn dealer. In 1910 it was the Labour exchange and in 1935 a radio factory.

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