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Publisher's Note: This article orginally appeared in my previous website "Shadowmag" and has since been included in "UfoDigest". It was published prior to 1998 and various websites had rediscovered it and consequently have linked to it.

Does This Depict The Life Of Christ?
It was discovered in the American Midwest!
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Robert Ghostwolf and Dannion Brinkley were on the Art Bell Radio Program - now Coast to Coast. What they shared with Art and his millions of listeners was fascinating and shocking.

A man-made cavern described as consisting of at least 3-levels, and hundreds of rooms, descending into the earth to depths of over 195 feet has been discovered in middle America. The exact location was not disclosed as further study needs to be completed.

I can only paraphase what was said and ask you, the reader to do additional research, and draw your own conclusions.

Initial carbon dating as proven that the cavern was build prior to Christopher Columbus's 1492 voyage. Artifacts found in the caverns has been dated to at least 2200 years old. There still are many objects to be dated and translated.

This is a fascinating depiction of Norah's Ark. Note that the image of the arc shows three decks. No ships of that date to our knowledge had more than one deck.

Click on images to see enlargements.

According to Ghostwolf, "Many of these pieces are presently in private collections. There is much to be translated and decoded this takes time.. and is usually done in multi-linguistic translation.. several seem to appear on the tablets thus far found at the site.. Also this gives us a fairly accurate translation into English structured language which seems always to be from some place else, and resists easy translation from the ancient languages.

Celtic/Orgom writing- Greek/Old Trojan- Mesopotamian- the Archaic language- Isis -Pre-Egyptian-Egyptian- Hebrew- Latin, and several we're not familiar with, including some symbols that I have only seen on the artifacts that are supposed to come from Roswell!! Presently we have enough here to give you the overview of the situation, and there is a lot more where these came from.. Much of this should by now give us the idea that perhaps Columbus really, as the Native Americans said, "Never discovered a new world. he found his way home after being lost.for a long time in the darkness that settled over Europe and the Middle East after the great Wars of the Heavens."

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