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Publisher's Note: This article orginally appeared in my previous website "Shadowmag" and has since been included in "UfoDigest". It was published prior to 1998 and various websites had rediscovered it and consequently have linked to it.

Does This Depict The Life Of Christ?
It was discovered in the American Midwest!
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

This drawing reportedly depicts the ship which carried Jesus (the prophet) including his signature cartuche. The pyramid in the picture is where the ship sailed from and the "Seeing Eye" is the destination.

Gold coin showing elephant head. How did a coin with an elephant on it get buried in North America over 500 years ago?

Arc of the Covenant. Shield of the Order of priest hood of Aron. (Special Kabalic knowledge of ancient mysteries- Royal Bloodline from the Royal Court of the Dragon) Seal of Solomon, (initiate) Lord of the Sun and Moon.

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