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Chupacabra: A flying, blood-sucking kangaroo?
from English.Pravda.Ru
Posted: December 26, 2005

Chupacabra: A flying, blood-sucking kangaroo?
Artist's impression of a Chupacabra
The phenomenon of Chupacabra, or a goat vampire, appeared in Puerto-Rico mountains in the middle of 1995. Some unknown monster was killing cattle in the town of Canovanas and its outskirts by drinking all of their blood. When farmers found dead animals it turned out they had no blood at all. It seemed as if their blood had been sucked out through one or two tiny wounds. A local veterinary examined several dead animals and said those were wounds of a straw diameter and from three to four inches long. The deaths of domestic animals were really mysterious and spread terrible panic over the place in September of 1995.

A woman saw a Chupacabra attacking a domestic animal and described the beast as a creature resembling kangaroo with fangs and wicked red eyes. Another eyewitness from Canovanas, Misael Negron, said the creature was "about four feet high. It had dinosaur skin, bright red eyes of a chicken egg size, long fangs and thorns on the back of the head and all along the back." The beast attacked the man's goat. Similar incidents occurred to many other citizens of the town.

A woman saw a Chupacabra attacking a domestic animal and described the beast as a creature resembling kangaroo with fangs and wicked red eyes!

In November, information about the goat vampire spread outside Puerto-Rico. Luis Guadalupe described the beast as "ugly as a demon and flying in the air." The man also added that the creature had a pointed tongue of a snake. What was the creature in fact? Some people said domestic animals were attacked by wolves, vampires or even a devil. Others believe it was an extraterrestrial being.

Puerto-Rico has been the haunt of UFOs for a very log period. It was rumored about USA's secret army bases and mysterious luminescence in the sky. What was going on in Puerto-Rico? Is it just a coincidence that Aresibo observatory is located in the northern part of the island? One thing is for sure that rumors and fears will be spreading until the mystery is happily solved.

People say that one can the smell of sulfur when Chupacabra appears. Eyewitness Madelyne Tolentino said: "The beast was jumping like a kangaroo, and it smelled of sulfur." In some occurences the creature demonstrated its supernatural strength. People said that once it pulled down heavy metal gate of 16 to 14 feet in size to get to the shed where animals stood. It was supposed that the smell accompanying the beast was in fact the instrument making animals motionless so that Chupacabra could suck their blood.

In some cases not only animals but even people fell victims to the terrible monster. Angel Pulido from Jalisco confessed he had been bitten by creature "resembling a giant bat looking like a witch." In Mexico, Teodora Reyes demonstrated marks supposedly left by Chupacabra's claws.

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