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Multiple UFOs Photographed in Greece!
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted:12:00 June 8, 2006

Multiple UFOs Photographed in Greece!
Photo has been enhanced by changing the range of colors. Note how four of the objects can be easily seen and another two or three others can now be observed in the photograph!

• Date: May 27, 2006
• Location: Kastoria, Greece.
• Witness Account: Mimi Trifonova

Mimi Trifonova

Original photo reduced in size. click on the zoom button to see larger original of the photo.

This is a closeup of the object marked number 4 and all I used was the autocontrast tool.

This closeup is of object number 1 and was enhanced with the equalize tool.

This closeup is of object number 2 and was enhanced with the variation tool.
Received an email from Mimi in Bulgaria. She was attending an ecological youth exchange in Greece and took this photograph (top on right) of the sun setting over the mountains to remember the trip. She and the other members of the exchange were staying in Kastoria, which is a small city set next to Lake Orestias.

Kastoria is situated at the top of Greece in the North-west of the country.

A few of the students taking part in the ecological youth exchange.

She finally sat down yesterday, June 7, 2006, with a friend and decided to sort through the many photographs taken during the trip. She was amazed when she came across this photograph, which is one of three, taken of the sunset over the mountains.

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