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On the Conscious Use of Humor as a Psychological Tool in ETAP Recovery & Mental Self-Defense

"Oh, I'm am always worried that those 'little phucgs' may come back to mess with my sons."

Subsequently, I sat down and had a many hours-long dialogue with him wherein I asked some very difficult and "probing" questions about his abduction as a child, which no one before had dared to ask on a subject many fear to broach, a "taboo subject."

A short time thereafter, the questions that I had posed raised psychic energy levels in his subconscious to a "critical mass" and resulted in some violent reactions, outbursts of a "psychic vulcanism" (if you will) that were part and parcel of the healing process as the mind (and Ego) "come to grips" with what has really occurred after the screen memories have been removed, memories return vividly to recall, and the "Somatic Imprint" begins to be modified (or erased).

In the end, although the "vulcanism" caused a huge furor, emotional disequilibrium, domestic discord (and even trouble with the police), it was precisely what was necessary to arrive at "total recall," with a significant healing of the psyche and amelioration of the complex of neuromuscular and psycholinguistic stresses/anxieties which follow ETAP as the result.

Becoming aware of this psychophysiological complex is one reason why I coined the term "Somatic Imprinting" (SI) to describe the after-effects of ETAP.

"SI" is quite similar to "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" and both result from similar circumstances after shocking, life-altering experiences following in the aftermath of war, disaster, assault, kidnapping, mental and/or sexual abuse, all of which are facets represented in different aspects of our encounters with "L'Eminence Gris" or "The Grey Presence."

Conscious choices made to laugh rather than cry, to ridicule rather than revile the adversary or intruder, can uplift the spirit and prevent gloominess of mind, dourness in demeanor and forestall severe depression from overwhelming the mind and heart.

The Greys are very confused by human feelings, laughter or our silly sense of humor and, logically speaking (just among ourselves) after all is said and done, what could be more "silly" than coming face-to-face with an extraterrestrial, especially with a big-headed, bug-eyed, little "squirt" whose face and form look like "IT" is made of "silly putty"?


"What me, worry?"

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