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In Defense of the Da Vinci Code
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

La Magdalene with Night Light

Many debunkers have jumped on the bandwagon to criticize Dan Brown's fictional novel The Da Vinci Code. The latest critic is Philip Gardiner, author of The Shining Ones, The Serpent Grail, and Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed. Gardiner claims that Brown's novel suggests that the Holy Grail is not the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper, but actually the blood line of Jesus.

Brown claims that this is wrong and that the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail (on which The Da Vinci Code is modeled but according to a recent court decision not plagiarized) based their story on the misinterpretation of the phrase Sang Real. The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail suggest the term could mean royal or holy blood. Brown insists the correct meaning of the term was and still is Holy Grail and that this was proven by etymologist Sir Walter Skeat, over one hundred years ago.

It is this claim that forms the story's core, i.e. that the royal bloodline of Jesus actually survived the crucifixion that leads to murder, cover-ups and conspiracies at the highest levels of the Roman Church. Brown hints that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were actually married and she being pregnant carried the royal seed to France.

Gardiner goes on to criticize the Priory of Sion and dismisses hints about femininity and the Knights Templar hidden in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings.

Sang Real: Royal Blood or Holy Grail

But are these the true messages intertwined in the pages of The Da Vinci Code and of Holy Blood, Holy Grail? I suggest they are not. It doesn't matter if the Priory of Sion is authentic or not. Some group of individuals through membership or fraternity has kept the secret that the royal blood of Jesus, David and Adam has continued throughout history and to present day.

What is of importance is that this bloodline is a roadmap back through time that can teach us about our history, belief systems and origins.

This is why the Roman Church is so afraid of this novel and movie. Even a person with rudimentary knowledge of the Old Testament realizes that Genesis outlines the genealogy of Adam, his children continuing through the centuries to King David. Jesus we learn in the New Testament was of the bloodline of David. What we are not told is that this bloodline was passed on from generation to generation through the matrilineal blood of the women of the family.

In Jesus' case his mother Mary carried the matrilineal blood and so did Mary Magdalene. Her surname of Magdala referred to a castle, and she was born of noble lineage and parents, which were descended of the lineage of kings. Her father was named Cyrus, and her mother Eucharis. She with her brother Lazarus and her sister Martha, possessed the castle of Magdalo, which is two miles from Nazareth and Bethany.1 They were all descendents of King David and the Davidic bloodline. Regardless of the fact that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married or not, the bloodline would have continued because Jesus' mother Mary had many other children, both males and females.

The importance of this bloodline is clearly outlined in the New Testament because it states that Jesus was anointed by Mary Magdalene who used very expensive oil known as "genuine nard". This oil, the oil of King David, was only used for anointing priests and kings. Therefore Mary was announcing the Jesus was a king, the anointed one! It is also of interest to note that in Messianic tradition a king could not be a king without being anointed by his bride.

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