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In Defense of the Da Vinci Code
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Now, if Jesus was the hereditary king of the Jews, a direct descendant of King David, the Romans definitely had a genuine threat on their hands. The Roman Church has taught and only disseminated doctrine stating that Jesus was not an actual king and didn't want to establish a Jewish homeland, but rather was primarily concerned with the establishing a kingdom in heaven. Pontius Pilot was not concerned about any heavenly kingdom, his only concern was keeping the Jews under control in Judea. When the placard was nailed to the cross inscribed with the words "King of the Jews", it may not have been a mocking jest but a declaration of fact. It should also be noted that crucifixion was only used by the Romans as capital punishment for slaves and the worst criminals. And scourging (being struck with a whip attached with steel implements) was not traditionally used by Roman soldiers before crucifixion signifying genuine hatred for the condemned.

Why would the knowledge of the continuation of the Davidic bloodline so frighten the Roman Church?

The answer is simple and is as old as humanity itself - power.

Prior to the formation of the Roman Church inheritors of the Royal Bloodline were unanimously accepted by people, either common or gentry. Even the Church recognized the importance of the heritage of the royal bloodline, in establishing and maintaining the foundation of civilization, but only as it determined kingship and hereditary title to land and property.

Consider that if kingship and priesthood were passed on through the ages from mother to daughter, and if this heir was recognizable and accepted by all why would the world need the Roman Church. The public could receive its spiritual guidance and earthly leadership from God's direct descendant on earth.

This problem was first addressed by the Roman Church when an obscure document, alleged to have been written by Constantine, was unearthed around 750-800 A.D. Known as the Donation of Constantine, it granted the pope sole sovereignty over Western Europe, making all kings nothing more than tenants of the pope's land.

The Donation of Constantine

The Donation of Constantine only came to prominence when Charles Martel died in 741. Charles Martel was one of most heroic figures in French history. He led the French army against the Moorish invasion of France at the Battle of Tours-Poitiers in 732. This battle looms large in our Western history.

Charles Martel's son Pepin III, who was the Mayor of the Palace to King Childeric III, who was the last Merovingian king, petitioned the Church to support his bid for the crown.

According to the "Donation of Constantine" the bishop of Rome now had the authority, through Constantine, to not only be the supreme spiritual authority over Christendom, but also became the supreme secular power in Christendom. In other words, the bishop of Rome, the pope became a papal emperor, with the power to choose and then anoint kings! Anointing of a king became little more than a symbolic gesture of conferring divine grace upon a ruler. Indeed, now Holy oil replaced the sangrail.

Interestedly, the coronation of Pepin III was the beginning of one of the most powerful families in Europe and led directly to the Carolingian dynasty. Most people believe that Charles the Great - Charlemagne - was the genesis of the Carolingians, but the actual founder was Charles Martel.

The Church pledged itself to the Merovingian bloodline in 496. The Merovingian bloodline can be traced back to the family of Jesus. The Merovingians kings, by their right as carriers of the royal bloodline, passed kingship from generation to generation, and were truly servants of their people. By right of its bloodline, the Merovingians became the biggest threat to the Church. It was only the Donation of Constantine that allowed the Church to betray its recognition of the true royal blood. In trade for loyalty and recognition of the Church, the Merovingians were promised perpetual allegiance and it was this allegiance that they broke when they allowed Pepin III to be crowned king.

This coronation (more appropriately, a "usurpation) came about as a result of the murder of the Merovingian "God-king," Dagobert II (Le Deuxieme) who had rebelled against the dictates of Rome and claimed both temporal power and spiritual authority through the Royal Bloodline coursing in his veins, refusing to acknowledge Rome and the Pope as self-appointed "King-makers." The whole story of the assassination of Dagobert Le Deuxieme is told in "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and is an integral part of the legend of "The Holy Grail."

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