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of Smoking Gun UFO

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

During the 1996 space shuttle mission: STS-75, whose objective was to carry the Tethered Satellite System Reflight (TSR) into orbit, many photographs were taken as well as hours of video. The craft videotaped by the lawyer looks amazingly similar to those captured by the cameras on the STS-75 mission. The NASA footage in the public domain allegedly shows anomalous, intelligently controlled craft filmed above the Earth. The crafts are moving around the enormous tether of the TSR system.

44-year-old Bonsall woman saw what appeared to be a flying saucer hovering over the Derbyshire villageA 44-year-old Bonsall woman, who also wishes to remain anonymous, saw what appeared to be an UFO hovering over the Derbyshire village of Bonsall in the British Isles. Now known as "The Derbyshire/Bonsall UFO" video it was shot on October 5th, 2001. A photo captured from her video is shown to the left.

So is this the "Smoking Gun" of UFOs? It is now obvious that there is a connection between all the sightings stated in this article. We have photographic proof of a similar if not identical object. This object has been videotaped on earth as well as above it. It has been sighted since the 1980s and is either an experimental aircraft or proof of extraterrestrial visitation.

Initially, I believed the craft was a U.S. military experimental aircraft, a new generation of the Aurora project. The Aurora was a mystery plane that was developed with an air-breathing propulsion system capable of achieving speeds up to Mach 6, 7 or higher. It can also fly as high as 100,000 feet taking it close to the edge of the earth's atmosphere. But this craft is delta-shaped and is similar to the F-18 Hornet.

Another possibility was the Switchblade, officially called the Bird of Prey, an experimental aircraft that can act as a bomber, fighter or high-speed plane. It accomplishes this by using a unique swing-wing design. The wings are attached to its fuselage (body) at a pivot point toward the back of the plane. When the wings are fully extended, the plane can fly slowly to drop bombs precisely on their targets or land on short runways. When the wings are swept farther forward, the aircraft takes advantage of the maneuverability that forward-swept wings offer, and becomes an agile fighter. When the wings are swept fully forward, the trailing edge of the wing becomes the leading edge, and the aircraft turns into a delta shape perfect for dashing away at speeds of Mach 3 or higher. But, once again, we must discount this plane simply because of its configuration. It is delta-shaped or resembles a traditional jet aircraft.

None of the experimental aircraft rumored to be in the planning stages or in-flight experiments have a round or circular configuration.

Is it ours or is it theirs? The answer is still unknown. I guess we'll just have to wait for the smoke to clear!

By the way, the lawyer who wishes to remain anonymous would like to sell his video to any television network or company willing to make him a lucrative offer. Contact the author if you are interested in purchasing the video.

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