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Seeking the Undead

by Iris Hersh

Seeking the Undead
Curious historian: Josh Woltz investigates what he calls unusual phenomenon at various sites in Chambersburg, including Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Unusual phenomena have occurred in Franklin County, PA, USA.

A local historian who has done research on the subject conducts ghost tours of local landmarks. During the tours, he share stories of local history spiced with the unusual sightings or sounds that have taken place.

Josh Woltz, Chambersburg native and graduate of Chambersburg Area Senior High School, has always been a student of history. He found little written history about the area, so his curiosity led him to talk to local people about their family's history.

"When conversing with them, I discovered time and again there was always an element of the supernatural or unusual phenomena emerged," he said.

"I dislike words such as paranormal and supernatural," Woltz said. "Those things don't exist, all that exists is just a natural world as yet undiscovered."

A former teacher of history and sociology, Woltz worked as a private contract archeologist in New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, including Blacks Woods outside of Mercersburg and Fort Chambers in downtown Chambersburg. Woltz said he considers himself a historian first, and the "paranormal" is of secondary interest.

Also an artist, he works as a graphic artist for Robson and Kaye Printing Inc., and his paintings hang throughout Franklin County.

"I'm always intrigued with the unknown," Woltz said. "This is my way of investigating the mysteries of the universe for entertainment and education."

Woltz recently completed a script for a film documentary, "Haunted Chambersburg," and a cable network has shown interest in the project, he said. He is trying to get funding for a production team. In addition to the documentary, he plans to publish something using his research within the next year.

Woltz said the one thing he brings to an investigation is his lack of fear.

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