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Luau to celebrate supernatural ruler

The Ohio State Chiropractic Board Seal
Statue of Kamehameha. Bronze by Thomas R. Gould. Given in 1969. Location: National Statuary Hall
According to legend, Kamehameha (kuh-may-ha-may-ha) virtually fell from the stars. As Halley's comet soared in the skies above, the epic Hawaiian ruler was born.

With such a supernatural entrance, it is no wonder that his name means, "the one set apart."

The Hawaiian Pacific Islanders Club (HPIC) will honor the iconic figure Saturday by making him the theme of their annual Luau at the Martin Centre.

"We use the Luau as an educational tool to encourage diversity and awareness of Polynesian cultures," Kili Perkins HPIC Luau coordinator said. "We focus mainly on the Hawaiian culture, but we also do dances from Tahiti and other Polynesian islands."

Kamehameha's illustrious life will be honored through traditional dance, dress and spoken word. Capping the cultural display will be traditional luau food.

"Since Hawaii is known for its unique tastes, we choose to serve dishes that we are confident our guests will like such as roasted pork, chicken dishes, rice, etc.," Perkins said.

Some 600-700 people are expected to attend the Luau, and as far as Perkins is concerned, the more the merrier. Pacific Islanders make up a strong contingent in the Gonzaga community and share a rich and lengthy history.

"We have strong cultural values and roots that go very deep. We want people to know that, understand it and appreciate it," Perkins said.

The Luau will follow the life of Kamehameha, from his birth to his years as a warrior and the era of his reign as King of Hawaii. The Kamehameha dynasty ruled the land for decades and the great original king is widely credited for uniting the islands.

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