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Watch New video Evidence of the Phoenix Lights

Our "VIDEO PROOF" section, tab above, contains UFO videos, that are served to the phoenix lightsyou by a RealServer. This means you get almost instant video with minimal downloading. We invite you to watch the all-new video evidence and presentation from Dr. Lynne Kitei. During the evening of March 13, 1997, thousands of Arizona residents witnessed a silent mile-long, v-shaped formation of lights slowly gliding overhead. One person, however, was not surprised by the appearance of the lights. Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. was simply grateful that a phenomenon she'd been witnessing -- and documenting -- for months was being validated by the experience of thousands of people statewide. Watch the 6:40 Video. 56K 300K

These amazing photos of the phoenix lights were taken by Dr. Lynne D. Kitei. Click on photo for larger view. For further information on Dr. Lynne and her Phoenix Lights visit her website.

Every week, in this space, you will find one of our "VIDEO PROOF" videos. Do yourself a favor: watch it and then decide if its authentic or a fraud!

Life On Mars Confirmed

You heard it on Dreamland first: On June 12, Linda Howe interviewed Professor Vittorio Formisano, who works with the European Space Agency's orbiting Mars Express craft, who said he was about to announce that there is life on Mars. Now he says he'll release this information in Paris in a few days. Ammonia has been discovered on Mars, and because it survives for only a short time in the Martian atmosphere, it must be constantly replenished. Only living microbes can do this, so the conclusion is inescapable: there is life on Mars.

NASA scientists agree that, "Ammonia could be the key to finding life on Mars." David Whitehouse writes in that the importance of ammonia is that it’s a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. Although nitrogen is rare in the Martian atmosphere, no form of terrestrial life can exist without it. The presence of ammonia means that Martian microbes are hoarding it. NASA says, "There are no known ways for ammonia to be present in the Martian atmosphere that do not involve life." Story continues.

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Feeling Is Believing

Mexican Army General Rafael Marcial Macedo de la Concha

Researchers at Harvard University called on aliens from outer space to help them solve a problem that surfaces frequently in everything from therapeutic sessions to criminal trials, or even just chatting with a friend.

How do you know if someone is telling the truth when he or she recalls memories of childhood abuse, or being raped by satanic cults, or some other traumatic insult?

"It's an area of high security, it's necessary that we have access to this, through a chip, which what's more is unremovable," Macedo told reporters.

Story continues.


This multimedia video presentation is the first official record of Richard C. Hoagland’s historic presentation on the critical issue of potential “ET artifacts” discovered on the planet Mars, made to thousands of government engineers and scientists on March 20, 1990, at the NASA-Lewis Research Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. $19.95

Ultimate UFO! 2-disc DVD set

From around the world and across five decades come 250 film clips from 26 countries (and outer space!) backed up by fully authentic US government documents, many formerly classified "SECRET". $19.95

The Master of Speech By Shannon Dorey

The Master of SpeechHave you ever wondered: where did we come from? What makes us different from all the other life forms on this planet? Shannon Dorey in her new book "The Master of Speech" just might have the answers and most people won't like them!

Ms. Dorey has studied the life and works of Marcel Griaule, a French anthropologist, who 50 years ago recorded the oral history and mythology of the Dogon, as told by Ogotemmeli, a member of the tribe. The Dogon are an isolated mountainous region of Bandiagara, south of the Sahara Desert in Mali, West Africa. Mr. Griaule wrote about the Dogon in his book, "Conversations with Ogotemmeli", published in 1947.

The Dogon mythology is disturbing because it claims that we were created by beings that genetically engineered our DNA. In fact, the book states that our DNA was manipulated three times and that three different versions of humans were designed. This was due to failed experiments by out creators. Amphibious aliens from the Sirian star system, that landed on earth with "great noise and wind" on a 3-legged spacecraft. These aliens, named the Nummo, didn't take into consideration the problems of combining their androgynous (both male and female) DNA with the DNA of single sexed animals (us). Review continues...

Fish fall from sky during O.S. thunderstorm

OCEAN SPRINGS - Something fishy happened during the hailstorm that pounded the city Tuesday evening.

Gulf Islands National Seashore Ranger Melissa Perez and volunteer Adam Wilson were pelted briefly with small, very cold fish while on the park's pier.

It was around 6 p.m. Tuesday when the storm had eased briefly. The two ran out to try and locate minnow traps that had been left on the pier. Story continues.

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