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UFO report reveals Lancashire sightings

Posted May 17, 2006.

A picture taken at Winter Hill appears to show a strange object floating in the sky.
A picture taken at Winter Hill appears to show a strange object floating in the sky.
Bright green lights above the M6 and a moon-like object hovering in the Preston skies are just two of the 'UFO' sightings to have been reported in Lancashire.

The Ministry of Defence has revealed details of 'sightings' which, it says, proves that UFOs cannot be proved to be alien craft.

They say most of the sightings are explicable... the rest 'plasma'.

Now the formerly top secret lists of all the sightings that have happened across the country have been made public and Lancashire has had its fair share.

In the last four years there have been five cases which would have suited X-File heroes Mulder and Scully.

The study, called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region, set out to investigate UFOs, but the body of evidence it collected was nothing short of phenomenal.

DC Gary Heseltine, who works for British Transport Police and is a UFO enthusiast, has been keeping an unofficial database of sightings dating back to 1901.

He said: "I've had two experiences with objects that I cannot explain in my life and UFOs are fascinating.

"There have been a number of recorded sightings in Lancashire.

"These reports that have been released are really interesting, and far from putting people people off the subject I think it will actually raise more questions than it answers. I believe that all these reports are coming from high quality witnesses and at least a percentage of these must prove that extraterrestrial life exists."

Under secretary of state for defence, Tom Watson, said: "I am delighted that the Freedom of Information Act has meant that this once secret report has been declassified and made public."

Download and read the report at

Many more photos available at

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