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Glenn Kimball is an author, educator and lecturer Glenn Kimball is an author, educator and lecturer. He has successfully completed all course work for a Ph.D. in Communications. He was the former president of International Exchange School and has taught school at Southern Illinois University. He has been collecting ancient texts since the age of fifteen and is famous for being able to integrate very diverse texts into a contiguous story line. Due to the censorship of time and doubt, most of the documents and oral stories chronicling the early life of Jesus were destroyed, lost, or forgotten. After 25 years of research, during which Kimball visited museums, Indian tribes, medicine men, and universities, he assembled some of the missing links and unsolved mysteries of Christianity.

GOD as Seen from the Other Side of the Looking Glass

by Glenn Kimball

The world of medicine changed the day we were able to examine the human body through X-Ray imagining. It was like giving sight to a blind man, or at least adding a new pair of eyes. Our vision is limited to a mere fragment of the electromagnetic spectrum. Who knows what we could perceive and understand if we could see through eyes that captured the entire spectrum? Is it possible that we would see things that are invisible to the naked eye? Of course that must be true, as incredible as it may seem.

The same principle applies to our thinking processes. There are things that one man can perceive because he is using a different thinking protocol than another can not. There is more than one way to approach understanding, business, religion, political paradigms, history, invention etc. Approaching a problem from different protocols always improves understanding. The mind never likes to consider itself blind, however if the truth were known, it most often is. A mind that is blind from birth has no way to critique those who can see. However, our scientists persist in their sightless critique. For those who have never had an experience with God, spiritual interventions must seem like fables. For those who have experienced multiple interventions from the unseen world, spirituality is a “no brainer”.

Many of us have had so many “God” experiences that we have been forced to recognize the “unseen” hand of God in our lives, though it remains invisible to the critics. I remember one night not too long ago I was living in a very large house near the mountains. I had a friend over to watch Monday Night Football. It was half time and we were talking about the nature of God and the universe between plays. All of the sudden there was a huge crashing sound as if a truck had smashed into the downstairs patio window. It was snowing outside and there was about two feet of freshly fallen powder. Our immediate thought was that someone had crashed through the fence at the rear of the house and come through the huge pane of glass. We both ran downstairs in a matter of a few seconds. What we saw didn’t make any sense to the naked eye. Something had ripped the heavy glass door off its hinges to the downstairs shower and thrown it from inside out through the huge pane of glass and it was lying in the snow outside. John is a very large character and I told him to quickly look through the house and grab the guy who had done this thing. I ran outside into the snow to follow the footprints. There were no footprints anywhere on the property. There weren’t even tire marks in the driveway. My conclusion was that we still had an intruder in the house. He went one way and I went the other. We looked for over a half an hour into every nook and cranny. There wasn’t a soul in the house. Upon examining the shower hinges they had been obviously bent beyond recognition. These weren’t just any hinges. They were manufactured to support a glass door that weighed fifty pounds or so. My friend looked at me for a couple of long seconds and his face turned as white as the snow outside. It had suddenly dawned on him that something non-human had done this thing and he had witnessed the undeniable evidence. He left in a hurry muttering something about never coming back again.

I wasn’t too surprised. This sort of thing has happened to me many times. Cupboards have opened and dishes have been thrown across the room right in front of my eyes. Chandeliers have shattered right above my head. Street lamps have shattered right above my car and rained glass all over. I even had a transformer from a telephone post explode above my car and land on my hood. These are but a few of the hundreds of like experiences in my life.

Yesterday I was driving down the freeway with my wife to attend an appointment. We were talking about this letter and some of the amazing things that we had experienced in the short life of our marriage. All of the sudden the rear safety glass window of our car shattered into thousands of pieces. There weren’t other cars near us. My first thoughts were that someone had taken a shot at us or that they had thrown a rock. However, upon inspection the window was uniformly shattered with no impact site. We took the car immediately to the repair shop without stopping. Neither of us could see what was behind us. The repairman asked me what happened. He said he had never fixed a car window that didn’t leave some evidence of impact in his whole life. He said this didn’t appear to be some weird temperature inversion or protruding flaw in the window frame. I told him that I couldn’t explain it either. The critics might ask me what a broken window has to do with the unseen world. Frankly, I am not positive either. They might say that I am merely unlucky. Sorry, but that can’t be true either. There have been just too many of such incidents. I only know one thing. I know that some mischievous force from the unseen world is trying to get my attention from time to time. I have my own private interpretations, but I am still unsure why these things continue to happen. It would be wonderful to have another pair of eyes to see what is really going on. I have often said that the door to the unseen world opens down at the same time it opens upward. The mischievous experiences seem to follow in pairs with spiritual experiences…something bad happens just before something good. I can’t deny either one.

Going to college was a strange process. Of course there are certain classes that were required for a degree, but when students listen very closely there is a lot more happening on campus than mere class attendance. I remember one day a professor brought a piece of lie detection equipment to class. We were always looking for an interesting way of publishing.

Success in college wasn’t measured in money. It was measured in bylines…publish or parish. It was the ultimate game of recognition. If your peers published your writings you were successful…you were on track to become one of them. It was a shock when I left college to find out that the rest of the world had a very different protocol. It didn’t matter how many publications you had. It only mattered how much money you could make. It was like changing the rules in the middle of the game.

The first day the lie detection machine was brought to class I watched as each of the students learned how to operate the device and tested it on each other to see if it could really catch them in a lie. The novelty of the machine quickly wore off most of the students. However, the “hard core” groupies who followed the whims of their favorite professor gathered around the machine and began to organize a series of experiments in hopes of finding something that they could write about.

My first experiment was to try and use the machine to measure which the activity in the hemispheres of the brain; the old “Right Brain-Left Brain” research. My experiment was unique and it was published in the national Journal of Speech and Audiology.

This article led to my further study on the nature of the skin itself. After all, the machine was merely taking readings from the emissions from the skin. Lie detection is the process of measuring electrical resistance on the surface of the skin, raw brain ways via electrodes on the skull, electromagnetic charges from the muscles (principly the heart) and respiration frequency. The combination of all four measuring techniques provides a primitive frequency-based look at reactions to questions. When you lie it is hard to control the simple increase in electrical emissions. There are very simple reasons for this phenomenon. Most of them involve reflex theory and are irrelevant to this discussion. However, I liken the process of current lie detection to a severely sight-impaired man who can only tell whether the room is light or dark. Those who lie emit stronger frequencies than those who are telling the truth. These lie-detection machines are capable of a great deal more.

The more research I did the more I began the respect the capability of the skin. It was obvious to me very early in the process that the skin could tell us many things and be used for more than to keep our insides from falling out. It was almost instantaneous that I knew that the skin could be used to apply medication. You can poison yourself by sticking your hand into dangerous chemicals or get “high” from handling raw drugs. My daughter and other women use fruits and vegetables on the surface of the skin to improve their appearance. If you painted all of your skin with an oil-based paint it will kill you, like in the movie Gold Finger. The skin needs to breathe too. I often refer to movies because they reflect popular attitudes.

Taking pills and injections aren’t the only way to medicate the body. Medications given orally have to be resilient enough to withstand the highly acidic environment of the stomach. Injections often had to be repeated if the medication was to have a long term effect. Using a patch on the surface of the skin allows the body to absorb certain medications over time without needing to be invasive. My first thought was that children would love this one. They wouldn’t have to cry every time they were taken to the doctor for a “shot”. All they had to do was to wear this “cool patch”. Nobody in my department thought that was possible at the time. > Later I would be involved in the development of diet and antismoking patches. I learned another lesson when the FDA shut our factories down until we could prove to the FDA that medication could be applied topically on the skin. It ruined us financially because we didn’t have the millions it took to convince the FDA in broad double blind studies. Our contribution has been buried in history in favor of major pharmaceutical companies. Oh well you learn as you grow.

I watched over a thousand hours of research and miles of graph paper that the readings we were getting from the lie detection machine were rich with data. The ink-needles on the graph moved all over the place. They were so rich it was next to impossible to decipher what they were saying other than the general frequency information. It was like trying to tell if a book was interesting by how fat the book was. I remembered thinking to myself that someday there would be a “Rosetta Stone”-like translation process that would tell us much more about the information we were seeing on the graphs.

I didn’t have that Rosetta Stone to decipher the lines on the graph but I did have an idea. I decided to add one more pair of eyes to the lie-detection process to see if it would tell us something more. I determined to add a “Skin Potentiometer”. This device could read the polarity of the electrical charge emanating directly from the skin. It was a very simple idea. The graph would print a signal above the line for a positive charge or below the line for a negative charge. Few had ever added skin potential to lie-detection equipment because it was a very different kind of signal. It really didn’t give a “Bigger” signal when you lied. It just measured a shift in polarity. However, I found an old piece of research from 1936 which suggested that there was a shift in polarity when someone was reacting defensively rather than merely being curious.

Bingo! This was a simply brilliant addition to lie-detection from a very different direction entirely. Not only could we tell when someone was suddenly defensive, but we could tell when children were being offended by images on the television. The applications were too numerous to count. At this point I had crossed the taboo line at the university. I was questioning the research of a well respected professor Raskin from another school. Nobody at our university wanted to declare war with someone else’s research, especially when that research came from a student. Nobody would publish my findings and I couldn’t use them for a dissertation. It was my first introduction into the world of arbitrary protocols at a university. I realized that the protocols were as important as the findings. To this day lie detection hasn’t advanced a bit. The results still are not allowed in a court of law because they are so easily flawed. I have often asked myself why we haven’t added other pairs of eyes to the lie detection process.

Over the years I have observed the nature of “Protocol” itself. I have seen how it shapes what is discovered and how we think about ourselves, god and the universe. Pardon my continual allusions to god and aliens in the same discussion. We can not separate the subject of God from a discussion of aliens. If they both exist then we need to connect the dots in order to understand the universe. It is extremely likely that the aliens know the creator better than we do. Suddenly when you talk about God and aliens in the same sentence you add a pair of eyes to the equation and things begin to make sense. These appear to be very different subject matters. However, we are far too quick to separate important issues out of fear of critique from one side or the other who refuse to acknowledge the other side of the fence. It is no more preposterous to acknowledge that many of the millions of UFO sightings are genuine than to acknowledge that there are millions of miraculous cures precipitated by prayer. Logic demands that there must be a link between the two.

The greatest minds have all acknowledged evidence of a creator to one extent or another. The universe is too well orchestrated and paradoxically too finite to deny a creator. There would be more reason to think God doesn’t exist if the universe had no beginning. For example, if the earth is almost five billion years old, as the scientists suggest, and the universe is merely three times that old, then something strange is going on. Three times aren’t enough stirrings to explain the creation of heavy metals and complex molecules that went into the creation of the earth. A creatorless universe would need more brewing time. The problem only gets worse for science when we realize that our earth is approximately at its half-life. The average life of a star is over ten billion years. If our molecules came from the final death of a star that was once ten billion years old and you add the age of the earth together, which you must, the sum is approximately the entire age of the universe. There is not spare time to brew and organize these complex molecules before the creation of the earth. Scientists have told us that the molecules in our bodies were brewed in the belly of dying stars. The combined time only provides for one time around the block of creation if we are to explain the existence of the earth.

Someone had to get it right the first time around, which implies an organized plan from the creator. The elements of the earth had to come from the first of the super novae. Scientists that suggest that the heavier elements in the universe more complicated that Hydrogen and Helium all came from a complex brewing process need to do some simple math. The results would shout the evidence of a creator. I could go on with dozens of other evidences for a creator and I am not Einstein. These men ultimately run up against the evidence of a creator. The explanation of the existence of the earth requires another pair of eyes and acknowledgement that the odd happenings in the universe are not coincidence. The moment you let your defensive guard down and acknowledge the orchestration of those strange things that are happening, the pieces of the puzzle put themselves together. The pairing of subjects will not be our choice. Some subjects belong together whether we like it or not.

Betty and Barney HillBarney and Betty Hill in the 50’s were the first reported UFO abductees. He was a minister who asked is abductors “What about Jesus”. They responded that Jesus was the Messiah of many worlds. At the time I thought that was very interesting. However, now I understand better that God is not only the father of His children on this planet, but on many others as well. That is why the twelve zodiac symbols are permanently show-cased in marble on the floor at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. These symbols were originally the symbols of constellations that were the home of other children of God. I have long felt that the story of alien visitations was the story of God’s other children. The prophets said that our world was the most wicked of God’s creations, which implies that there are others. This is the only world who would have crucified the Messiah. Where the most wicked reside is also the testing ground for the greatest. Perhaps that is why aliens are curious in us to begin with. They want to observe the most wicked of God’s creations and paradoxically the most excellent as well. Unfortunately SETI isn’t comprised of the most excellent. They continue to be composed of the most myopic.

Like the glass breaking all around me I can’t definitively explain the descriptions of “Greys” or other aliens, though I have my own opinion. However, I am sure that God knows who they are and that they know Him too.

The prophets spoke of “Angels walking among us” unseen. They can not be referring to the non-corporal angels we associate with the classic descriptions of angels in heaven. They certainly are not referring to “Greys”. They are referring to beings that have bodies and walk among us undetected because they appear just like us. The suggestion is that there are many more of these beings walking among us than we could imagine. The prophets spoke of these beings as being the Sons of God too. It is my opinion that we can’t understand all the workings of God without understanding His other children. We have separated our discussions of aliens from our religious discussions arbitrarily. However, in order to understand either we must use both sets of eyes.

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