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The Vanishing Mars Probes:

from English.Pravda.Ru

The sighting of the shadow on Mars should be enough to convince many that there may be intelligent life orbiting Mars, but in August of 1993 another event of major proportions took place that sent a tremendous rumble through the US space program. The $400,000,000 US Mars Observer probe, sent to map in detail the surface of the red planet, was lost just as it prepared to make its Mars orbital insertion. Signals were sent to pressurize the fuel tanks in the propulsion system, in preparation for rocket firings that would slow the spacecraft down and allow it to be captured by the planet's gravity field, but the Observer's antenna, which was to receive and acknowledge Jet Propulsion Laboratory's signal, never responded. Scientists concluded, a short time after the loss of the probe, that the spacecraft must have exploded when the fuel tanks were being pressurized. The cost of the entire mission was close to one billion dollars.

Immediately, cries of "incompetence" and even the notion of "Cover-up" and "Conspiracy" rang out in the world press accounts. In particular, NASA was charged with deliberately concealing a story of massive importance on the Mars mission, the Martian land forms, and even details on the so-called "Face on Mars." But what are the other realities?

In 1972, the Mariner 9 probe brought back evidence of unusual pyramidal structures on the Martian surface in the Elysium Quadrangle, and NASA's 1976 Viking I and II probes of the red planet relayed images of a face and pyramidal complex at the Cydonia site on Mars. Although the vast majority of NASA scientists saw nothing unusual in the Mariner 9 and Viking pictures, a minority felt that some of the unusual landform configurations merited a closer look with better optical-imaging systems. These artifacts may signal the existence of perhaps even an extra-solar intelligence that is cautious about our venturing out into space.

Is it possible that the American mission, losing communication with its Mars Observer, met with a fate similar to that of the Soviet Phobos II? In short, rather than the Observer episode signifying a "cover-up" by NASA or a "conspiracy on the part of US government officials," taking the termination of the Phobos II probe into account, we might ask: Is it possible that there is a more powerful intelligence in space that may be watching our planetary endeavors?

There may be an extra-solar intelligence already with a base on Mars that is watching and waiting for the the human race's next events in accepting and understanding the operations of parallel evolution.

The "Face on Mars" may be a sort of Rorschach ink blot test, or a psychological mirror: It may indicate that we need to overcome our desire for cultural domination and realize that our technology may be harmful to other planetary environments. It may indicate that we must first understand the conditions of a larger evolutionary reality.

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