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The Truth About Medium by Dr. Gary Schwartz

The Truth About Medium by Dr. Gary SchwartzNBC's popular show "Medium" is based on the life of a real medium, Allison DuBois, and Dr. Gary Schwartz (The Afterlife Experiments) has subjected her powers to rigorous scientific testing.

Gary has been working with Alison and testing her for four years, and the results are unexpected and deeply interesting. Gary’s testing protocols have been extremely careful. Nobody but the most relentlessly close-minded can say that nothing unexplained is going on with Alison.

The Book

Every Monday night millions of Americans tune into Medium, NBC’s new hit drama featuring Allison DuBois, an ordinary woman who helps police solve baffling crimes through her ability to communicate with the dead. What most don’t know is that this fictional character is based on a true-life medium named Allison DuBois, who is a consultant to the show. For the past four years, DuBois has been the subject of rigorous scientific experiments conducted at the University of Arizona by Harvard-trained psychologist Gary Schwartz. The Truth about Medium chronicles many of those experiments and reveals hard laboratory evidence that psychic ability and mediumship are real.

The Review by Michael E. Tymn

Dr. Gary Schwartz, the author, is the director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Arizona. In his 2002 book, The Afterlife Experiments, he detailed his early research with mediums, including John Edward, who hosted a popular television program, Crossing Over, for several years. This book picks up where Schwartz left off in the 2002 book, discussing his continuing research with other mediums, including DuBois.

Schwartz clearly validates and praises DuBois and the other mediums discussed in the book. "As far as I can tell, they have an extraordinary and genuine gift," he writes. "They can do specific things with their minds - getting accurate information about deceased loved ones - that I had been educated to believe was impossible."

Schwartz explains how he first met DuBois and her then medium-mentor, Catherine Yunt, and how he initially put them to the test. He also discusses subsequent experiments, including one with popular spiritual author Deepak Chopra and another in which the late Princess Diana seems to have communicated to a British journalist who had been a friend when Lady Di was alive.

While recognizing that much of what he relates in the book will exceed the "boggle threshold" of many readers and will result in more hissing from his cat-like colleagues, Schwartz courageously pushes on in the pursuit of truth, pointing out that if we become more "survival-minded" we can find new meaning in life. While admitting that his current experiments do not provide definitive proof of survival of consciousness after death, he concludes that the available evidence is consistent with survival.

The Truth About Medium by Dr. Gary Schwartz
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Schwartz concludes the book with a prediction that "those of us who hunger for understanding the existence of life and the meaning of love will at some point be able to celebrate the reality of spirit and soul, and the magnificent intelligence of a universe that has equipped our species with the potential to discover scientifically this fundamental spiritual truth."

As Schwartz states in the Introduction, if you already believe in survival of consciousness after death, the book "will make your heart smile." If you don't believe in survival and are befogged and cramped with lifelong materialistic prejudices, you'll probably just get a headache, assuming you take the time to read it. If, however, if you don't believe in survival but are open-minded, you may very well find yourself rethinking your earlier position.

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