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Optical Ascertainment Error Phenomena


We clearly know there are thousands of UFO documents and naturally most of them contains visual materials. The most interesting ones are video shots and pictures.But unfortunately most of these kinds of documents are low-quality and technically insufficent.To make it short, they became anonymous.Being unreachable to exif datas(Ref:1) proves us this type of document is a fake, but there is no need to search these proofs to understand fakeness for some documents. As an instance, I can show MEXICO UFO video shot (You can watch).

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Firstly we should regard this, if it was a real shot, it certainly would spread to whole world and might be the century's most important event and might cause big changes in the world history. More realistically, when we observe them technically, we clearly figured out there is an abnormal distinction between the dimensions of the building and the UFO, and the ufo is swinging like a pendulum. As a summary, these kind of documents are regarded real by the UFO-Related people who are low-educated to support their commercial benefits (ref:2), and we regard them as "unnecessary to analyse". The ones which could attract our attention from thousands of documents are wery few. The goal of this article is making the few ones fewer in order to make more appropriate observations and definitions. ...

OAE Phenomena,TUVPO,new article:

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