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A Short Preface to a Long Story or…
A Young Preface to an Old Story

A friend of mine recently wrote to me concerning William Shakespeare's play, "Midsummer Night's Dream":

"I went to my library and read "Midsummer Night's Dream" again.

I see what you mean. The Summer Solstice is "Fairy Time." Shakespeare is like music; he soothes "the savage beast." Oberon and Titania love "Midsummer Nights Dreams and Trysts." It was wonderful; the first time I have really seen the meaning in the story. It not only reminds me of the spells charms, songs, that lovers hear but of the violence, lust, jealousy, madness and even death, all weaving themselves into the theme of Love, which is sometimes mucked up by unforeseen circumstances, such as "The Fairies." Is it all worth it? ... I guess it is, in the magic of the summer Solstice!

Now I see what you mean, Robert."

So, after many years of contemplating this paradoxical legend, I took this opportunity to pen my thoughts, this analysis, and reply with my true views regarding the fine line of distinction between a "Midsummer Night's Dream" and a "Midsummer Night's Nightmare."

"Dear Leanne,

As you wrote: "Is it all worth it?... I guess it is."

Please take it from one who knows: It is definitely not worth it.


"A Midsummer Night's Dream" or "A Midsummer Night's Nightmare"?

By Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2006, R.D.Morningstar)

"The Light shines in the darkness but the Darkness grasps it not."

I dedicate this to the memory of Thomas Lackenby Maughan,

late Arch Druid of the ADOUB,

who once advised me "Go! Just Go! Don't Worry…Everything will be alright!"

So, I went! To Stonehenge! And here's what I discovered.

After reading this, perhaps, dear reader, you will understand the point I wish to make regarding the many historical and mythological parallels between "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and the modern phenomenon that we call "ETAP" or "Extraterrestrial Alien Abductions." This is an experience that some would prefer to call "superstition," but which for many men, women, children (and animals) turns out to be "a nightmare."

First, by definition "Trysts" are illicit sexual encounters.

As I interpret the Shakespeare's play, Oberon and Puck represent Extraterrestrials Biological Entities, Aliens or "EBEs." These mischievous beings by dark of night misguide, mislead and confuse humans, cast spells upon them, cause partial memory loss or impose complete amnesia and hallucinations. The Fairies also make them fall "in love" with the wrong people. The Fairies employ mind-control, lies and deception to remove their memories and to confound them. They even transmogrify one of their victims, "Bottom the Weaver," into a man with the head of an ass.

And why? Oberon and Puck do this to punish Titania for her refusal to surrender a little boy to the powers of Oberon, "King of the Fairies."

Henry Fuseli - "Titania & Bottom the Weaver"

The parallels are too great and too explicit between "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and the Extraterrestrial Abduction Phenomenon (ETAP) for me to doubt that Shakespeare was really cataloguing and conveying actual events, disguised as what we would call today "A Fairy Tale."

I believe that Shakespeare knew much more about the subject of alien abduction than we know today. There are many mysterious and quizzical statements made by the characters in Midsummer Night's Dream. One of the most telling are the following statements made by Oberon and Puck when they conspire against Titania, doting on the boy child and set plans to make the mortals fall in love with their idea of "the right person":

"OBERON: That very time I saw, but thou couldst not,
Flying between the cold moon and the earth,
Cupid all arm'd: a certain aim he took
At a fair vestal throned by the west,
And loosed his love-shaft smartly from his bow"…

"It fell upon a little western flower,
Before milk-white, now purple with love's wound,
And maidens call it love-in-idleness.
Fetch me that flower; the herb I shew'd thee once:
The juice of it on sleeping eye-lids laid
Will make or man or woman madly dote
Upon the next live creature that it sees.
Fetch me this herb; and be thou here again
Ere the leviathan can swim a league."

To which his diminutive aerial minister in mischief (and about 4 feet in height) replies:

"PUCK: I'll put a girdle round about the earth
In forty minutes.

Story continues on page 2

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