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"A Midsummer Night's Dream" or "A Midsummer Night's Nightmare"? - continues

That means "I'll fly around the world in 40 minutes." Rounding off the circumference of the earth to 25,000 miles, this means traveling at 37,500 miles per hour. My English colleague, Esquire Feilding, related to me that when "Charlie" was a boy and the Mercury astronauts and Ruskie Cosmonauts had entered "Space," circuited the Globe, his father posed to him the question:

"How do you think Puck knew that one could orbit Earth in that short time?"

If I could do so today, I would ask of Mr. Feilding:

"Mr. Feilding? Just a bit more, sir? My question is 'How could Puck circle the Earth at 37,500 miles per hour without a Flying Saucer'?"

On this special Solstice night (as I write these words on June 20-21st, 2006), I would like to share a very special photo, which I, myself, have waited 47 years to see. I saw it for the first time last night. I heard about it as a boy, 11 years old in 1959. Somehow, rumor had it that as my classmate and grammar school "best friend" told me in the schoolyard at lunch time (where the real education in grammar school occurs), someone has seen Flying Saucers around the Moon "last night."

"Robert! Robert! Did you hear that an astronomer saw a lot of Flying Saucers around the Moon last night and took a picture of them?"


"Yeah!" (which "The Nuns" were always loathe to hear, as if the sound of "eah" instead of "es" gave them pain and earaches)…"My father heard about it on the radio this morning."

"How many did he see?"

"A lot of them!"

I never listened to radio in the morning, couldn't stand the sound of radio in the morning. Radio was a rude awakening from sweet slumber in those days and to start the day with bad news, impending nuclear war or "brainwashed" Korean War veterans could put a damper on what would otherwise be a good spring day for a New York City kid. I like to wake up quietly (or not all). However, I heard again about it later and the rumor went around for a few days but only on radio not on TV. I longed to see the actual picture and although I did not forget it, the story faded away and I never saw the picture…till last night!

"That very time I saw, but thou couldst not, Flying between the cold moon and the earth, Cupid all arm'd: a certain aim he took at a fair vestal throned by the west, and loosed his love-shaft smartly from his bow."

Translated into modern terms: "That same night, you couldn't see him, but I saw Cupid leaving the Moon armed 'for Love'…Cupid fell for a beautiful, young, Western girl whom he mounted in Colorado and he let her have his arrow smartly."

After waiting 47 years, I saw the picture of a sight that only Oberon could have seen or described in 1596. This photo was actually taken by amateur astronomer, Jesse Wilson, on that night so long ago, March 18, 1959.

Flying between the cold moon and the earth, Cupid all arm'd"

The photo says "Corrected & Enhanced" by me because I noticed that something bothered me and didn't seem quite right. It took me a day to realize that the photo as released by the USAF and Project Blue Book was upside-down. I noted that the Mare Crisium, the completely circular Mare on the upper right, was on the bottom so I reversed the photo 180 degrees and put the Mare Crisium back where it properly belongs.

With the Mare Crisium now restored to its correct position, the visual and psychological impact of this photo is quite astounding as it is a very different thing to behold 34 unknown objects rising above the Moon than to see 34 other objects "falling like stones" under the Moon. On the left side (below) is a thumbnail of the Wilson photo as the USAF released it. The USAF Blue Book debunker's theory was that "the phenomenon" was caused by "electrostatic discharges." This was very cute neurolinguistic ploy, used by USAF that I describe as "telling the truth while hiding the facts." "Electrostatic discharges" would more accurately refer to the UFO's propulsion systems than to how their image was registered on film.

There is one more important detail to consider: Project Blue Book took no notice and makes no mention of the "UFO Mother Ship" (or "Space Station") to be seen at center, apparently monitoring or directing the departure of the UFOs in two fleets flying off Luna's Northern Hemisphere in rising files. Notice too that the photo is extremely darkened. My enhancement has been brightened and contrasted to further illuminate, expose and distinguish the 34 UFOs.

For me, like UFOs or Flying Saucers, "Fairies" are ETs and "not of this Earth."

And, reader, don't be "taken in" by the sweet, cute little "Tinker Bell fairy tales" of good ol' Walt Disney and/or "Harry Potter Hollywood." Over a 7-year period, 1995-2002, I studied Celto-Brithonic Fairy legends & Druid Lore, quite in-depth in England, and I discovered that "fairies" are fearsome, malicious and vindictive creatures, who protect their "turf," often sited near 'sacred mounds," graves and dolmens by sickening people and/or driving them mad. They demanded tribute from the locals for merely passing by their territory and often kidnapped children, some of whom would return years later without having grown or aged a day. Fairies would often blind, blight a hand, a limb or cripple people altogether if they crossed their paths or transgressed into their territory. Many of the "skin scoops," physical scars, ET leeched blood-loss cases, "egg harvesting" and implantation activities of "The Grey Presence" conducted during modern ETAP remind this analyst of those manifold and legendary occurrences. While some victims returned crippled, spiritually altered, mad or distraught, often times, their victims just didn't come back at all. Historically, fairies and Banshees attach themselves both to individuals and to family bloodlines. The Irish legends of the leprechaun can be viewed in a similar light.

Forget Walt Disney's "Darby O'Gill and The Little People." Let the leprechaun keep his pot of gold and you may keep your sanity and your life. In modern film, "Leprechaun 1, 2 and 3" are probably more accurate retellings of the leprechaun story. According to Lewis Spence, the English and the Irish peoples, in order to protect themselves and avoid their wrath, used reverse psychology, by referring to Fairies and leprechauns by a euphemism, i.e. "The Good People," to hide how bad they really were to them and how much they actually feared them.

Likewise "The Banshee," black-robed and black-cowled Irish "Messenger of Death" (associated with a blood-curdling, terrifying screeching howl) historically attaches itself to certain families, called "The High Born." Could "High Born" or "High Borne" actually mean "conceived inside a Flying Saucer"? I have seen "The Banshee" several times in my life and it is a harrowing experience.

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