It has been determined that the audio tapes originally used for this article were found be in fradulent and as such have been removed from this article. You can find further information at YouTube.Com.

US Astronauts May Have Had UFO Encounters

Hear the actual audio tape in Real Streaming Audio! What did Neil Armstrong see? The landing of Apollo 11 was on July 20, 1969. Hear the voices of the astronauts and the answers from the base in Houston. THIS IS REPORTEDLY THE VOICE OF NEIL ARMSTRONG

Editor's Note: Received following email May 7, 1999: I thought you just might like to know that the RA clip you have of "Neil Armstrong" talking to NASA is a sound file taken from the British documentary/april fools day episode of Science Report. This episode became famous for it's creation of the conspiracy now known as Alternative Three. Thanks! John E.L. Tenney. Michigan Anomalous Information Network