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Aerial Phenomena: Understanding The Implications
by Jim Leming

Posted: 18:00 January 23, 2007

Jim Leming is the director of I.A.P.R.I.
There are those that claim aerial phenomena originally presented itself at the dawn of recorded history while others argue some point possibly beyond. While there are convincing arguments for that premise if you consider the cave paintings at Lascaux, France, or the primitive petroglyphs (rock paintings) of the Dogon Tribe, in Mali, West Africa, there exists nothing in the way of physical 'hard evidence' (i.e. smoking gun) to corroborate the assumption. It would be a simple matter to encompass both points if only to cover the possibility of their common connection. However that is not the primary function of UFO research. Consider this analogy: "UFO Research" is a person looking to buy a new suit. The "current facts" that are available are existing as that 'new suit' are offered and in striking new colors and styles. Since the collective mind was already made up going in that today was going to be the day to buy the suit, it was only a matter of from which rack the suit was to be selected from.

Once the style was selected, color and weave were next on the list. All designed to compliment the new suit. Now that everything was as it should be… style, cut of the cloth, color and fabric, the fitting room was just around the corner.

One half hour later, you emerge. Sweat dripping from your brow and every seam in the garment was pulled to within an inch of its life. So much so that you could see daylight through the seams! After having gone through all of the cursed and contorted machinations the one thing that was certain was that you were leaving with a suit today - fit or not!

What does this all mean? Simply put, no matter how many facts you have, if they do not fit your particular circumstance all you will ever have is a pile of threads (page after page of testimony or report forms) that can't be used for anything except for maybe starting a fire in the fireplace. In fact, they can't even be a suit any more because they have been so stretched out of shape they are beyond use. Now maybe the garment analogy was a bit much - getting things to fit so to speak - but in reality it is the closest match when you speak of research in the field of aerial phenomena. Just because you have some information that might fit somewhere don't try so hard to make it fit that you punch holes in the information because it doesn't take much for those 'threads' to break, I can assure you! After that, going back to my clothing analogy, instead of showing off your Halston three-piece suit, it will look like the offspring of a wedding between a sewing machine and a CuisineArt™!

It has been the bane of every researcher and investigator since the titles were invented: No matter what - make something from what you get! We can worry about proving it later when we find other witnesses and can piece it together then. It never ceases to amaze me how grown people can be made to see things that weren't there or hear things that were never heard by anyone else. I believe mass hallucinations would be the common term when more than one person is listed on the report, such as the report filed by then-Governor Jimmy Carter. The one and only 'elected official' to never have backed down from his sighting, and stating emphatically what he saw and where he saw it. It was a case of understanding the implications and standing by his beliefs. He took those beliefs to the White House and apparently they did him little harm because he was elected!

If an answer is ever to be gained from that 'three-ring-circus' called Washington D.C., someone, somewhere, sometime has got to stand up and say, "Alright. Enough is enough. We will meet you at the 'Black Mail Box' just a little ways from Rachel, Nevada, and proceed to march as one group up the roadway until we gain access to the base that is operating on Area 51. Granted the U.S. Government won't be too keen on having their cover blown but at the same time I doubt very seriously that they will arrest a large number of peaceful marchers on national television. Believe me, if Evel Knevel can get his jump across the Snake River on the Wide, Wide World of Sports, I'm fairly certain the networks would squeeze out a camera or two to cover the procession to the guard shack.

On the representative side of the ledger, when will YOU say enough is enough? You may not even give a cat's whisker what's flying around in the skies overhead or in the waters below or cutting maneuvers over military installations that 'don't exist' but even if all of that doesn't get your attention, how about the fact that in order for all of this to happen, someone has to pay for it.

Do you recall ever being asked? I didn't think so.

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