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Behold Azazel-The Extraterrestrial
by Stephen Yulish PhD

Posted 00:09 January 3, 2007

Azazel is now believed to be an extraterrestrial, fallen, demonic angel.

The story behind this image is nothing short of amazing. This horrifying specter became the inspiration for the main character of Azazel in both of my novels, The Great Harpazo Deception and Invasion: Israel, but I have never before explained how I obtained this image of what I now believe to be an extraterrestrial, fallen, demonic angel. Now you can read the rest of the story for the first time.

Over twenty years ago in 1983, I was the State Director of the Jewish National Fund. Since leaving the University of Arizona the year before, I had unexpectedly turned my career path from being a Professor to being a fundraiser for Israel. The common thread that ran through both pursuits was my long time interest in Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah. Several years earlier, I had obtained a multivolume English translation of the Zohar, The Book of Splendor, written by Moses DeLeon in 1588 and the bible of Kabbalah. I had read it through several times. As it had advocated, I meditated, sought universal knowledge (gnosis), studied astrology, reincarnation (gilgul) and spirit guides. If many famous rabbis of old had done it, what could be the harm?

In 1978, I had written a novel, The Other World, which glorified Samael (Satan) and his first mate Lilith. That novel had bounced around publishers in New York for years but was never published. I had even read a portion of it to a group of people in a loft in Greenwich Village. Suddenly one day in 1983 as I sat at my desk at the JNF, I found myself doodling on a piece of paper. Over the next few months I 'drew' scores of drawings like the one attached above. I have no artistic ability but these drawings were elaborate. I went and showed them to my friends Rabbi Plotkin and Rabbi Rebbibo and they both were very impressed. They both encouraged me to publish them. They both also loved Kabbalah and believed that these drawings were from the yenne velt, Yiddish for 'the other world'. I did get them published in a University of California Journal, DreamWorks, vol.4, no.3, 1984 pg. 180-181 as well as in Kabbalistic journal. This article still appears under my name at It says out of print but has an ASIN number and says Human Sciences Press, 1984? But that is only part of this ongoing story.

The article was as follows: An Excursion into the Yenne Velt, by Stephen Malcolm Yulish.

"There are many worlds that intersect our own "reality normal waking consciousness. We encounter these worlds for brief moments while asleep or in altered states of awareness, and then spend a great deal of time denying either their existence or their validity. Of course, they do not need our acceptance to exist, and so they are there no matter what we choose to believe.

I have always paid a great deal of attention to states of consciousness other than normal waking reality. My dreams, especially, have provided me with a wellspring of creative imagery that connects me with my inner self as well as with my other self. Dreams are not only mirrors for our psyche, but also looking glasses into worlds that don't often see the light of day, yet are part of us all.

The images that I have transported to this reality by way of pen and ink drawings were done so in a state of waking dream. I was not asleep in the ordinary usage of the term, but my body was still and my mind was quiet. I have made use of dream images in my poetry and other writings, but I have never drawn anything like the images you see here. One day last year, I decided to pick up a pen and draw. I had no idea what I was drawing until it was completed.

These are images from the other world - "the Yenne Velt".

After reading psychic Ruth Montgomery's book, Aliens Among Us, in 1986, I decided to send her my drawings. She liked them so much that she put me in touch with a fellow psychic in Phoenix, Anne Puryear, and her husband Herb who ran Logos Center. They were a spin off of Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment. After Anne did a life reading of me and my charkas and auras, she became convinced that I was an old soul, a highly evolved spiritual being, an avatar. I began attending their meetings. Dr.Herb Puryear was setting up a Metaphysical University in Phoenix and wanted me to teach Kabbalah. I also attended a Kabbalah retreat in Los Angeles run by Rabbi Berg, now famous for working with Madonna and others. I was into Kabbalah before it was fashionable to do so.

Then my life began to fall apart. My marriage collapsed, I was diagnosed with MS, my father died, and I lost my job. I found myself working for a Christian company where I was proselytized relentlessly by the people there. I fought them tooth and nail using all my education, knowledge and experience. Finally, one year later, I had an 'on the road to Damascus' revelation experience and suddenly knew the Truth which was contrary to everything that I had based my life on previously. When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in October of 1988, I broke off all contact with the Puryears, Ruth Montgomery, my astrologer and my kabbalistic interests. My Jewish, family, friends, colleagues, as well as my Rabbi friends simultaneously broke off all contact with me.

In January of 1990, I was talking one day to my friend and future wife Paula about hell. While I knew that God was real because of my revelation conversion experience, I still was not convinced of the absolute reality of Satan and His dominions-probably because I had served them for so long and was in denial.

Anyway, Paula told me to get rid of my novel, The Other World as well as my channeled drawings because they were demonic. I had not wanted to do so because I had given birth to them and they were special to me. That night, however, I had a dream where I was holding my novel. I had said, 'if there are any demons in here let them come out!' Well, I was bombarded by demonic forces that pummeled me until I honestly thought that I would die. I summoned up my last ounce of strength and yelled, 'I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!' They all disappeared. The next day I destroyed my novel and all of my drawings. I was now convinced of the reality of Satan and his minions.

Five years later, the Lord encouraged me to write a story about UFOs and the rapture. He laid on my heart that the sudden disappearance of millions of Christians would be explained to those left behind as an abduction by extraterrestrials in UFOs. He told me that these so called aliens are really fallen angels who are working with Satan to deceive the masses.

I wrote a spec treatment for the then popular X-Files TV show entitled "The Catching Away". I sent it off to Producer Chris Carter on May 30, 1995. On September 7, I received a letter from his assistant Kitty Brophy that they had reviewed it but they were unable to use it. Kitty had then said "We appreciate the opportunity to get acquainted with your writing and wish you the best of luck in your future efforts."

It was not surprising that they did not want to use such a religious theme but they did not return the manuscript? Then, nearly a year later on July 9, 1996, I received a letter from the Senior Counsel at 20th Century Fox, Anatole Klebanow, telling me that it was their policy not to read any unsolicited manuscripts and they were returning it to me "unread". I thought Ms.Brophy had said a year before that they enjoyed the opportunity to get acquainted with my writing. Oh well.

I then decided that I might have something and so I began to write a novel with new characters surrounding this concept of the rapture (Gr.Harpazo) being explained as an abduction by fallen angels disguised as ETs in UFOs which became The Great Harpazo Deception.

Around that time circa 1996-1997, I received the image above from a member of my local community who had followed my Letters to the Editor for years and sadly had not been very impressed. He sent me the article attached with the note, "I thought that you were a Christian?"

I used the demonic image attached as the image for my character of Azazel, the main fallen, demonic angel in my novel. What I (Satan) had meant for evil, God used for good. Not that Azazel was good by any means, but my novels The Great Harpazo Deception and Invasion: Israel both reveal the evil nature of this fallen angel. The novels shed light on the dark side, the hidden shadows of evil. I took the name Azazel from the pseudopigraphal work, The Apocalypse of Abraham. It described Azazel as a fallen angel that had scattered over the earth the secrets of heaven and was one who had rebelled against the Mighty One.

Azazel was also a 'watcher' a heavenly being that has kept an eye on humanity.

The Prophet Daniel spoke of them as did Enoch. In my novel The Great Harpazo Deception, Azazel is first discovered by a remote viewer, who after leaving the CIA's disbanded spying project, joined the Lazant Institute and turned his talents to scanning the heavens for extraterrestrial life. He, along with a psychic and a Harvard theologian, make a startling discovery. An Israeli Colonel re trained at West Point becomes the counterpoint for them working with a cadre of former U.S. army officers and intelligence figures. Col. Judah Meire attempts to stop this deceptive onslaught of Azazel and his minions as the sudden abduction (catching away) prepares to unfold.

Behold Azazel-the extraterrestrial, fallen angel, watcher. Behold the face of unbridled evil who will lead mankind smiling into the fires of hell. It is not our friend but is instead our worst enemy. As military aviation historian, Trevor James Constable warned us, 'the battle with UFOs is not for the planet of man but for the soul of man'. Beware!

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