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"The Dream Stealers"
The Kate Thompson Story
by K. M. Thompson

© 2002

Posted: 02:56 January 14, 2007

They come at night
To move me from my bed
And steal my dreams.

They come in numbers
Small and fragile
Meaning no harm.

They carry secrets
We have yet to learn
Our time is not yet.

They return me whole,
Tired and exhausted
With hidden memories…

And a bloody nose.

Throughout the fifty-seven years of my life, I have had innumerable metaphysical, extraterrestrial and terrestrial experiences. Four years ago, I put together a book of verse that describes my journey. Although I put the book together myself - literally writing it, printing the pages, gluing the spine, designing the front and back covers, and copyrighting it, I did not formally publish it other than displaying excerpts of it on my website. I gifted several friends with copies, but that's all as far as it went.

In retrospect, I now see the above effort was a partial attempt to diffuse the ever-expanding mountain of emotions I have been struggling to keep hidden. It is one thing to write about emotions after meditating on a pleasant subject such as nature, or to be intensely involved in a creative effort, both examples of experiencing real time in the present, and quite another to go through an unexpected experience that results in surprise, confusion and the ultimate exclamation of …

"What the hell was THAT?!"

I now realize I must share the true account of my experiences with others if I am to live with even a modicum of inner peace in my remaining years. If the sharing of these experiences helps even one person, my effort will have been worth it.

Many of the events involve ESP, OOBE's, abductions, and some events that I haven't been able to fully grasp in their entirety yet. Some of the events are so intricately tied together, it is difficult to separate them. I am still in denial over some of these events and can only speculate as to what their meaning is. I am leaving out all but a few experiences with ESP phenomena and concentrating mainly on extraterrestrial events in this writing. I will save those for publication at a later time, after the emotions involved in recall have settled. My encounters with ESP, entities such as ghosts and other spirits has been "a cake walk" compared to the encounters with different alien species.

I don't recall exact dates and times of many events and so, I am unable to provide an accurate chronology. I can only approximate my age within the context of single decades. It wasn't' until 1974 that I began to keep a journal about these events, and many of them are on paper that is now yellow with age. Nonetheless, what I am able to remember about these events is fixed in memory, and I leave it up to the reader to decide how to interpret what I've written.

The First Ten Years

Around twenty-odd years ago, I recalled being a toddler walking under the kitchen table. To make certain I wasn't imagining this, I called my mother and asked what type of child I was: Was I a good child, easy to rear, or was I difficult to handle? She told me I was a 'perfect child' and then exclaimed, "You started walking when you were eight months old!" From her kindly, yet unexpected response, I deduced that my memories were pretty much intact.

At the age of eighteen months (as near as I can recall), I had my first out-of-body experience. I was lying on the kitchen floor nearly smothering from the weight of two larger bodies on top of me, wrestling with each other. I left my body, staying just outside of my head, until the wrestling stopped. This was not an abduction but rather a case of intentional or unintentional abuse by family members in which I was either the target or an innocent victim who happened to be in the way. Whichever it was, having to resort to leaving my body left an indelible mark in my memory.

At the age of around three or four, while by the house, in the back yard, I saw a man standing just inside of the tree line. He was wearing old, dirty clothes, and suspenders were attached to his trousers. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it as we lived on a farm, away from the constant presence of others.

My mother was in the kitchen, so I went to the doorway and told her there was a man in the woods, and she came out of the house and 'round back, holding my hand as I led her to the place where I had seen the man. The man was still visible, but my mother couldn't see him.

My mother said, "Tsh, tsh, now, there's no man there. You must be imagining him", and the man began to fade away.

Memory of exact times, even years, are blurred between seeing the man in the wood line, but I do recall a rapid escalation of bizarre events that took place after that.

Until around the age of six, my two older siblings and I shared a room while renovations were taking place on the old house where we lived, and after the renovations were complete, we were given our own rooms. It was after we were given our own rooms that the abductions began to increase. (I write that 'the abductions began to increase' because I can't be certain that they had or had not been happening before. This is a pivotal time of remembrance for me.)

From the first accounts of contact at the beginning of this writing, until the age of eight, I frequently saw the small, hooded figures in different places on the farm: sentinels keeping an eye on their human subject in the woods north and west of the house, in the lean-to attached to the small granary, in and behind the barn. There was nowhere to avoid them, nowhere to escape to until the day finally came when I was old enough to go to the lake by myself…or so I thought.

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