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Polish UFO Interview of Stanton T. Friedman
Conducted January 4, 2007
by Piotr Cielebiaś

Posted: 10:30 January 8, 2007

Photo of Stanton T. Friedman, courtesy of
On the 60th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold Flying Saucers sighting - can you give us a definition and your opinion concerning what are UFOs?

I am not interested in UFOs. I am interested in flying saucers. My normal college lecture is “Flying Saucers ARE Real”. All flying saucers are UFOs. Only a small percentage, perhaps 15-20%, of UFOs are flying saucers. I am convinced after 49 years of study and investigation that the evidence is overwhelming that SOME UFOs are alien Spacecraft, most are not. My concern is with reports from competent observers of strange, to them, phenomena in the sky or on the ground which remain unidentified after investigation by competent investigators and whose appearances indicates they are manufactured and whose behavior (Flight characteristics) indicates they could not have been manufactured on Earth because, if we Earthlings could build things that look like that and fly like that, they would have been used in the many wars that have taken place since WW. 2. This has not happened, so what was observed visually and on radar and often producing physical effects on the ground, from which they take off or land, must hav originated elsewhere. Gold miners know that gold ore is worth mining if there is .5 ounce (15 grams) per tonne of ore. Obviously I must add that witnesses have sometimes observed secret government systems. But these do not have the special flight characteristics of flying saucers.

Anniversaries of famous UFO events prompt many to generalize about that the whole UFO phenomenon and UFOlogists' efforts. What do you say when critics claim the history of UFOs has been a waste of time and effort and that it is a phenomena seeded deep in the human consciousness, but still is not officially accepted.

Anybody who says that the history of UFOlogy has been a wasted effort hasn’t studied the data. How else would we know about the 21% Unknowns of the 3201 cases investigated by Battelle Memorial Institute as described in “Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14”? or the 30% UNKNOWNS of the 117 cases studied by the University of Colorado, or the 746 Unknowns noted in “The UFO Evidence”? Or the 41 cases described by Dr. James E. McDonald in his congressional testimony in 1968? Or the many excellent abduction cases discussed by Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. John Mack, or the Betty and Barney Hill case described in John Fuller’s “Interrupted Journey” or in the new book “Captured (Due out this summer): An Insider’s Look at the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” by Kathleen Marden (Betty’s niece) and myself?? There are of course the 5000 physical trace cases collected by Ted Phillips from 70 countries, the radar visual cases, the photographs found to be genuine after investigation by Optical Physicist, D. Bruce Maccabee. No, it has not been a wasted effort at all. It has been frustrating because of the nasty noisy negativists, the SETI cultists, and those journalists and academic scientists who do their UFO research by proclamation.

Which UFO incidents in the history were the "milestones" in your opinion?

Key Milestones include the Kenneth Arnold Sighting of June 24, 1947. The recovery of crashed saucers and alien bodies near Corona, New Mexico, outside of Roswell, and at the Plains of San Agustin over 100 miles west early in early July, 1947. These are described in my book “Crash at Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident”.There were a huge number of sightings by military personnel and civilians in the summer of 1952 near Washington, D.C. with accompanying lies by the US Air Force.

There was the publication of “Project Blue Book Special Report14” in October, 1955, and the totally misleading Air Force Press Release. There were the Congressional Hearings of July 29,1968, with testimony from 12 scientists including me. Also the Publication of the very deceptive Condon Report in January, 1969. The publication of theRoswell Incident in 1980. There was the receipt of certain Majestic 12 documents in 1984. There was the phony alien autopsy footage in the late 1990s which stirred up a lot of interest all over the world.

Were there any crucial changes in your thinking about the phenomena since the beginning? Have reports about UFO and ET visits changed along with time (I mean a noticeable change in the nature of reports concerning for example the appearance of objects)? It is in your opinion that there is proof of a mainly sociological nature for the phenomenon or for a terrestrial cause of the objects?

There have been changes in what we hear about including the milestone publication of “The Interrupted Journey” which made it possible for other books about UFO abductions to be taken seriously. The Condon Report by basically saying there is nothing to UFOs made it more difficult for people to report sightings of any kind. Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion” touched of another wave of discussion The publication of “The Roswell Incident” in 1980 made it OK to talk about. crashed saucers.

I have been lecturing since 1967 and have always had great interest, fine audiences, extended question and answer sessions and favorable newspaper coverage. Polls have shown there are more believers than non-believers. The creation in 1976 of the self annointed Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal helped discourage people from getting in involved in either UFO investigations or reporting sightings of any kind. There have been at least a dozen PhD Theses at American Universities about Flying Saucers, but none recently. The publication of the Cometa Report in 1999 in France was of great importance.

Major changes in 60 years include the acceptance of the notions that man is not alone, that space-flight is quite possible, that governments are quite willing to lie about what they know and what they do. There have been whole news subsets of UFOlogy established dealing with abductions, crashed saucers, government documents, physical trace cases.

There are many problems of present UFOlogy. What's the main problem in your opinion: lack of new people, lack of new sightings, low credibility of internet reports, partitions within world UFO society, lack of interest in UFOlogy or maybe something else? What do you think about the Internet as a source of UFO information? What is the future of this area of science?

Yes, UFOlogy needs new blood to replace some of us older guys. JohnGreenewald of the Black Vault is only 25. Nick Redfern isn’t very old, either. UFOlogists need more courage to speak out. Instead of talking about the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, talk about alien visitors. We need to do more to bombard the press with facts. The January 1, 2007, Chicago Tribune newspaper had an excellent front page upper half story about sightings of an object over O’Hare Airport. Other events, such as lies about Watergate, and about weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, make it much easier to accept that the government has been lying.

The internet has been a blessing and a curse. Anybody can publish anything so there is no peer review, no control of garbage. It is a lot easier to look up facts and data and to find people then it was when I started my Majestic 12 research in the 1980s. People need to be more skeptical about what they read.

MUFON collected about 160 UFO sightings in one month recently, so reports continue on. Press coverage is still hit and miss, often misleading.

Can you tell us briefly your view of UFOs? Which part of sightings, in your opinion, involve meetings with ETs and is there any way to distinguish terrestrial from extraterrestrial UFOs? The scale of UFO sightings can be very concerning or even worrying for some people: even when we assume that only a small portion of these sightings involve ET visits. What importance does the Drake equation have on extraterrestrial visits overly the past 60 years of sighings?

•A Some UFOs are alien spacecraft.

•B The subject of flying saucers represents a Cosmic Watergate.

•C None of the arguments made against these conclusions stand up to careful scrutiny.

•D We are dealing with the biggest story of the millennium. Visits to Planet Earth by alien spacecraftandthe coverup of bodies and wreckage for 60 years.

Every case has to be taken on its own merits. Hypno-therapists have to be very careful not to put words in the mouths of abductees. Terrestrial UFOs cannot move at thousands of miles an hour in the atmosphere and make right angle turns and hover and move straight up and down and cannot land and take off silently from a space not much larger than themselves in the middle of nowhere. Some terrestrial craft can move rapidly, but cannot make right angle turns or hover or move straight up and down silently. I have suggested well over a dozen reasons for aliens to visit earth in my paper “The UFO Why Questions” on my website at Over all I think the primary concern is to quarantine us. We are obviously a primitive society whose major activity is tribal warfare killing more than 50 million earthlings during WW 2 and destroying 1700 cities. We also have rapidly developed our technoclogy (nuclear, space, electronic) so that quite soon we will be able to go to the stars. I can’t imagine our mre advanced neighbors permitting us to go out there taking our brand of friendship… better known as hostility. Every society seems to be concerned about its own survival and security. Once we showed signs of soon being able to move out, of course we would be of concern to our neighbors. Obviously some societies have demonstrated that they can get through the stage we are in… too much technology and not enough sociology.

I have written about the unscientific nature of the Drake equation and the silly assumptions that aliens would only send messages once they have received out electromagnetic signals and wouldn’t travel because it is more expensive than signaling and would be stuck at the same level of technology as we are even though, for example, Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli (only 39 light years away)are a billion years older than are we and each have another sunlike star close by (1/8th of a light year) and the two stars are a billion years older than the sun. Friedman’s law is that Technological Progress comes from doing things differently in an unpredictable way. Look at the changes in our technology over just the past century.

What do you think about other phenomena related with UFO (abduction, contacteers, ufo cults, crop circles, mutilations etc.): were there derived in evolutionary way from the belief in ETs and hence they were born in social consciousness in a similar way as other beliefs, legends or religion? Maybe as some say - all the elements consist one image of the whole phenomenon? How we can avert the UFO phenomenon to be regarded in religious manner? What you can say about Eduard Meyer and similar builders of UFO folklore (are they dangerous for UFOlogy)?

I am convinced that some people have been abducted by some aliens. Each case must be taken on its own merits. Because of the laughter curtain I think most abductions are not reported or investigated. I am also convinced that as noted there are several thousand physical trace cases with similar properties from all over the world. Ted Phillips has donean splendid job. About 16% of these cases involve reports of small humanoid beings associated with the saucers.. I am very supicious of all contactees who seem to be nobodies trying to be somebodies. Many of the abductees are somebodies who are made to feel like nobodies. I see essentially no connection between crop circles, some of which are certainly not made by the hoaxters, and UFOs. They are in my gray basket.. not enough data. Cults have always been around in Earthling society. I have no reason to pay much attention to any of them. About biblical implications I refer people to Dr. Barry Downing’s fine book “The Bible and Flying Saucers” .I am not a fan of Billy Meier. Certainly there has been some fraud there and some cultism.

In which ways in your opinion ET UFOs came to our reality? What's your opinion in methods used by them allowing to travel? If people were partially able to reproduce it, why this technology isn't used widely? Are there any visible clues of alien technology in our times?

I think the big mother ships (space carriers) probably work using a technique about which we know nothing because we have had sophisticated technology for such a short time. My best bet would be nuclear fusion on which I worked 45 years ago. Using D-He-3 one can exhaust charged particles having 10 million times as much energy per particle as in a chemical rocket. Within the atmosphere, I would suggest magnetoaerodynamic systems which ionize the air and allow one to control lift, drag, heating, sonic boom production and radar profile… Similar to the electromagnetic submarine sucessfully tested about 40 years ago. If one gave Christopher Columbus a nuclear submarine and an unlimited budget, he still couldn’t have duplicated it. Having a crashed saucer, or wreckage thereof ,certainly is a long way from being able to duplicate it. It takes lots of money and lots of people and then success is certainly not guaranteed on duplicating advanced technological systems even after one understands how they work. Maybe i takes two pounds of unobtanium per craft and we don’t know how to make unobtanium. The theory of nuclear weapons is easy . Making the required isotopes is difficult and expensive.

The term 'contact' is often mentioned by many people regarding extraterrestrials. Do you think that OFFICIAL contact will or has occurred? The ETs obviously have technology far in advance of ours.

For all I know there has already been direct contact between aliens and Earthling governments. It seems to be under their control, not ours. I don’t often speak to the squirrels in my backyard. Nobody has tasked me with the job of working out an appropriate protocol; for alien-Earthling contact.

What is your opinion about abductions?

As noted earlier I am convinced, thanks to the work of Hopkins, Jacobs, Fuller, Fowler, that some earthlings have been abducted. They may be checking on our genetics, finding out how to cure genetic diseases, etc as well as creating hybrids. The evidence points in those directions. Plenty of unanswered questions.

Anniversaries of great UFO events prompt us to rethink thee birth to modern UFOlogy. What you can say about Roswell crash today as one of main experts in the case? Is there still anything to investigate?

As the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident I am absolutely convinced, on the basis of the evidence, that the US government recovered two crashed saucers one, near Corona on the Foster ranch operated by Mack Brazel about 80 miles NW of Roswell, and the other in the plains of San Agustin over 100 miles west of Corona. Bodies were found in both places. The primary military group involved at Roswell was the 509th Composite Bomb Group, the most elite military group in the world having dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am still, with colleagues, following up on various leads. Obviously most of the witnesses have died. The hope is that some of their descendants may have pieces of wreckage or possibly documents and that, if there is enough publicity, they may come forth.

Clearly there has been a lot of negative nonsense published by debunkers who for reasons unknown are often given equal time on TV despite their lack of real research. There will soon be an outpouring of formerly classified documents more than 25 years old which may be of assistance. The public’s growing mistrust of the US government may lead people, previously inclined to remain silent, to open up. Maybe some journalists will make some effort to get at the truth.

Certainly the incident establishes that aliens are visiting, that they are not infallible, that the government has been covering up the truth for 60 years.

What is the main proof of the Roswell authenticity in your opinion? Are you able to tell us something about the origin and future of the craft and its occupants? Where can you put this incident in history of… mankind?

Among the best evidence are the testimony of such outstanding people as retired USAF general Thoms Jefferson DuBose who took the call from General Ramey’s boss, General McMullen, instructing that there be a coverup. There is the high caliber of Colonel Blanchard, the Roswell base commander, who went on to be a 4 Star General and was Vice Chief of staff of the USAF when he died of a massive heart attack at the Pentagon. Major Jesse Marcel was the Intelligence Officer for the 509th.His son handled wreckage and is a medical Doctor, a flight surgeon, a helicopter pilot, and spent a year in Iraq over a year ago as a Colonel. Walter Haut who distributed the press release on July 8,1947, had also been a bombardier on more than 20 missions over Japan and had been chosen to drop the instrument package that was a very important part of the atomic bomb tests in the Pacific during Operation Crossroads in 1946. There are the contemporary newspaper accounts on front pages from Chicago west that put the lie to the false caims of the debunkers about project Mogul. There are the other people such as Bill Braze, son of the rancher and Loretta Proctor, neighbor of Mack Brazel, and Judd Roberts who worked at the radio station in Roswell. There is the FBI memo saying that wreckage was recovered and was not a weather balloon. There are the friends of Barney Barnett who told of his findings in the Plains as did Harold Baca a neighbor. My book “Crash at Corona” goes into gory detail.

I obviously have no possible way of knowing the origin and nature of the craft. I do not have either a security clearance or a need-to-know for such information. It surely didn’t come from Earth and was not manned by Earthlings. Probably one of many small Earth Excursion modules carried between the stars on huge mother ships. Certainly the wreckage and bodies would have been maintained for further study in secret.

Being aware of other alleged crash sites involving similar scenarios to hat of Roswell, can you tell us your opinion as to the their authenticity? Are there any other cases that could have a profound impact on the phenomenon, such as Kecksburg, Flatwoods or the more recent Varginha?

The late Len Stringfield collected information (rumors) about more than 60 crashes. He was far more a collector than an investigator and wouldn’t share witness information with others who would have pursued it more vigorously than he was able to. In Kecksburg and Varginha, wreckage was recovered. In Flatwoods the craft took off again after more or less crashing intact. I have looked into all three including writing the forward and epilog of Frank Feschino Juniors new book “Shoot Them Down” which has a lot of data on Flatwoods that nobody else has obtained.

I give my best reasons for the government cover-up in my paper “The UFO Why Questions”. They make sense from a government viewpoint in not revealing technical data, in discouraging an Earthling viewpoint, in avoiding revealing that UFOs have been responsible for the demise of a number of military planes in Europe and North America, and can obviously violate our airspace with impunity.. To people in power, if not the rest of us, the coverup makes sense.

Please tell us your views regarding official governmental disclosure of the UFO phenomenon. Will it take place someday? Why, after more than a half of a century of UFO sightings, is there still a official scientific and political conspiracy concerning the UFO phenomenon?

I have no idea if there will be disclosure. I am not psychic. I think we can handle it if done properly.

Would your opinions about UFO change if you became a witness of a high strangeness event?

I have no idea if my views would change if I were a witness.

When did you became interested in the UFO phenomenon? When did you begin your research and writings regarding UFOs. What do you view as your most important successes regarding flying saucers?

I read Edward Ruppelt’s “The Report on UFOs” in 1958; Read 15 more books in California discovered Project Blue Book Special report 14 in about 1960, joined APRO and NICAP, gave my first lecture in Pittsburgh in 1967; spoke to a lot of professional groups who responded very enthusiastically and now have spoken at over 600 colleges and well over 100 professional groups in all 50 US States, 9Canadian provinces and 16 other countries. I was a major contributor to “The Roswell Incident” in 1980, had written several papers while in Pittsburgh in the late 1960s including my congressional testimony and later more than 15 papers presented at MUFON conventions and dozens of other papers in various publications including Physics Today, Aeronautics and Astronautics, SAGA, Cycles, etc

Among my major successes in UFOlogy are my being the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident, my publication of the first article about the Betty Hill Star map, my instigation of the Astronomy Magazine article about that work, my having tests done on the soil from the Delphos, Kansas, physical trace case, my speeches and TV and radio appearance all over the world to educate people about ufos, my discussions of the physics aspects of flying saucers in such papers as “Flying Saucers and Physics”, my in depth investigations of the Majestic 12 documents and my refutation of the debunkers false arguments as a result of my visits to 20 document archives and my knowledge of security. I know from mail I get that I have encouraged and educated others via my many TV and radio appearances. I was given a lifetime achievement award by the British UFO Magazine in 2002. There was a Canadian TV program “Stanton T. Friedman IS Real”. I won several debates on UFOs as well.

Dear Mr. Friedman, I would like to thank you again for this very interesting interview. I hope that this is not the last one we have. Would you like to say something to Polish readers?

To the people of Poland and the rest of the world I would say that it is time we recognized that Earth is being visited by aliens, that we are not the most advanced civilization in the neighborhood, that from an alien viewpoint we are a primitive society whose major activity is tribal warfare. We need to start thinking of ourselves as Earthlings. Let us hope that we can qualify for admission to the Cosmic Kindergarten.

Stanton T. Friedman - 04/01/07

Piotr Cielebias
POLAND 28/12/06

Source: NPN -
by: Piotr Cielebiaś 28/12/06

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