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Spiritual Masters and UFOs
by Carlosox

Posted: 15:00 January 3, 2006

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Many readers will wonder what great spiritual masters had to say regarding UFOs. Did Christ, Buddha or Mohammad mention anything about this phenomenon? We find nothing mentioned about this in the Bible, Koran or Diamond Sutra. In the Koran however we find mention of things called Jinns. These beings however fall under the category of the paranormal rather than UFOs. If anything was mentioned at all by the above spiritual masters on UFOs it was probably deleted by the clergy in latter years so that they could have an iron grip on their respective flock.

In the Hindu scriptures we find mention of two classes of celestial beings. These were the Devas (the good guys), and the Asuras (the bad guys). Both of these types of beings flew about in fantastic flying machines which could achieve blinding speeds. These beings, although technically far more advanced than humans, were nevertheless extremely jealous of the latter. The man reason for this was that the human form could by diligent effort, achieve emancipation, whereas the Devas and Asuras in spite of their technical advantage had to reincarnate into the human form to achieve this.

In the 1930s there was a fully realised spiritual master from India who stayed and taught in the United States. His organisation has since then, grown by leaps and bounds, and now has its presence in every continent of the globe. Many of his American students even then, were extremely curious about UFOs. They plied him with questions regarding UFOs, but he seldom replied. He was more interested in the students' spiritual development than answering questions about UFOs, which he probably felt would be a distraction and throw cold water on the students' progress. There were two occasions however when he had to reply regarding this matter as some of the students' queries about this had reached the point of irritating him. This is what he had to say regarding UFOs.

He said that UFOs are real, but did not mention if they came from other planets, other dimensions or in fact from earth itself. They were apparently performing some sort of duty and had their work cut out for them and had little interest in humans except perhaps when their work involved extracting genetic material from humans and animals where unfortunate animals were mutilated and humans abducted. The spiritual master however warned the students that should they ever come across a UFO parked on the ground, or chance to run into some of the aliens that pilot these vessels, the best course of action would be turn round and avoid these ships or beings altogether. The reason for this, said the master, was that these vessels were piloted by humanoids - who though could manipulate the complicated machines, were totally devoid of feeling. They were programmed not only to fly these ships and carry out the duties assigned to them by their masters, but to also defend their vessels at all cost. Thus if a human sees a UFO parked in a field with some beings milling around it, he/she should turn round and let them be. If the human should approach the vessel, the beings would instantly go into defensive mode and probably fry the human with their ray guns. It also seems that the actual intelligent beings who construct the crafts and develop these humanoids seldom come to earth. The journey would probably be too traumatic and fraught with danger for them. They therefore use these humanoids to carry out routine tasks for them.

On the second occasion, a student pestered the spiritual master night and day about UFOs. He followed the master around and begged the latter to show him a UFO. Since he was a good student, but nagged by this curiosity, the master decided to consent to his wishes. One day when the student and master were standing on the veranda of their headquarters which was located on a hill, the master suddenly told the student, "Behold, your wish is granted ". The student sucked his breath as he witnessed, flying in front of him, a huge mother ship. The master let the student look at the ship for a few seconds and then with a wave of his hands made the ship disappear again. The master then told the student, "I've let you see what you wanted to see for a long time. Now forget about it and get busy with your spiritual practices." From other spiritual sources from the East, we find that UFOs though possessing superior scientific and technological skills when compared to normal human beings cannot match the power that a spiritual master on earth can muster. It would also appear that UFOs are as plentiful as aeroplanes in our skies, but by some cloaking mechanism prevent us or our instruments from detecting them. The time will come I'm sure, when humans can crack this cloaking technology they employ and reveal for all this enigma that has lasted for far too long.

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