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Buried Treasure
by Carlosox

Posted: 14:00 January 14, 2007

Could this be a photograph of Japanese soldiers burying stolen treasure?
This story refers to the same area of the Malaysian plantation as my previous story about history being carved in stone.

Some believed that a saint lived in a cave in this area. Others believed that the area was haunted by many ghosts, while yet others believed that there was buried treasure in that area. It was rumored that the Japanese army which occupied peninsula Malaysia for a short period during World War Two, had buried fabulous amounts of gold and jewels in this area before they withdrew from the country.

This rumor proved so tempting, that a manager who had managed this plantation before I, had actually stood by the side of a backhoe everyday for more than a week, as the machine dug up the laterite type of soil prevalent in this area to surface the plantation roads. He hoped that the machine would stumble upon this buried treasure. He was extremely disappointed however, when no treasure was found.

Nevertheless, the rumor that there was buried treasure in that area persisted even when I became the manager of the plantation.

Since we were short of labor in the plantation, we had to recruit foreign labor from Indonesia. A batch of laborers that came from Indonesia was from the islands of Flores and Timor. These workers looked a little like Fijians in appearance, but what was astounding about them was their knowledge about the paranormal. I thought I knew plenty about the paranormal, but was dumbfounded when they related to me what they knew about this subject. It appeared that all types of spooky creatures and spirits roamed the islands they lived in, and these natives knew exactly how to deal with each and everyone of them. One of these workers tried using this paranormal knowledge of his to try and get at the treasure that was rumored to be buried in the rocky area.

What this worker did was to go to the rocky area and light some incense sticks there. He waited till the incense sticks burnt themselves out. He then took the unburnt bottom part of the incense sticks (which consisted of thin matchstick like stubs), and placed them under his pillow when he slept that night. This was supposed to bring into his dream any spirit that dwelled in that area.

A spirit did appear in his dream as he slept that night. It was a pale looking Chinese male with shoulder length black hair. The spirit asked this worker what he wanted. The worker first asked if there was treasure buried in that area. The spirit replied that there was. It said that it consisted of gold bars and rubies. The worker then asked if the spirit could help him recover this treasure. The spirit replied that only those born in Malaysia could recover the treasure, and those from across the sea (meaning Indonesia), are not allowed access to the treasure. The spirit somehow knew that this worker was from Indonesia. The spirit then laid down a further condition. It demanded a human sacrifice before it could show the location of the treasure.

As this worker did not know any Malaysians reliable enough to share this treasure with, he kept mum about this information. Further, there was the human sacrifice to think about.

I used this particular worker one day as a substitute driver to drive me round the plantation. When we reached this rocky outcrop, I casually mentioned to him that some people thought that there was buried treasure there. The worker then told me all what he had heard from the spirit about this area. He then made a suggestion that surprised me. He told me that since I was Malaysian, I could access the treasure. He and I could then split it 50/50. I reminded him that there was the human sacrifice to think about - not an easy task to accomplish. His reply made my blood run cold. He told me that he could lure one of the many illegal Indonesian workers that drifted in and out of the plantation to the area and chop off his head. As I looked at him incredulously, he explained that since the worker would be an illegal, nobody would miss him, and no investigation would follow.

I became exceedingly afraid of sitting next to a person who had no qualms of dispatching another human being just for some gain. And what would he do when we got the treasure? Probably knock me off as well. I told him that the plan would not work, and anyway, there was no way of ensuring that the spirit will not cheat us and not show us the treasure.

Needless to say, I had nothing to do with this worker from that day onwards. The treasure, if at all there is any, is probably concealed so well that no human can possibly discover it.

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