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Strange anomalies in the Solar System and a Presumed Chinese Attack on American spy satellites seem to be indirect confirmations of the "Jesuit Footage"

Translation assistance by Fran Forstadt.
Fran is a freelance artist and translator, with a B.A. in English.
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Posted: 17:20 January 1, 2006

The "Jesuit Footage" and the "Secretum Omega"
In recent years an Italian freelance, Cristoforo Barbato (Naples, 1972), received from an eyewitness some reliable information about the return of Planet X and the activity of a presumed intelligence agency composed of Jesuit priests, whose code name would be S.I.V., "Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano," which in Italian means "Vatican Intelligence Service." Barbato's contact is a man who introduced himself as a Vatican insider working for the Holy See as a Jesuit.

At the beginning in 2000, Barbato was very skeptical and suspicious of that self-styled insider, but at a certain point of his contacts, which lasted at least a couple of years, he was able to check the insider's credentials. The man was really a priest belonging to the Jesuit Order and serving in Vatican City. Of course, Cristoforo Barbato has been protecting the identity of his source of information, as required by the ethical-professional code of journalism.

Cristoforo Barbato
Italian freelance

Barbato demanded a meeting with this insider as a necessary condition of maintaining contact. In spite of the danger, the Vatican insider accepted, and I suppose he agreed it was necessary, considering his baffling revelations. Two meetings took place in a public venue in Rome in 2001. What Barbato learned from him was that inside the S.I.V. there was a minority group which disagreed with the policy adopted towards the Planet X problem. So, in my opinion, the revelation of the "Jesuit Footage" was the result of not just a simple betrayal of a bond of secrecy, but also a breach of Antigone's morals, with a much higher risk: the survival of our civilization!

As further proof, also in 2001 the Vatican insider sent Barbato a videotape (which I have baptized the "Jesuit Footage"), to bring this issue to public attention. This was an edited film clip about 2 minutes in length showing observations in deep space of a planetoid with a thick atmosphere (the presumed Planet X), while it was approaching the Solar System but still beyond Neptune's orbit.

The video, which I have had the opportunity to watch many times, begins with an introduction on which are classification codes (one of them is "Secretum Omega," the highest security clearance in the S.I.V., equivalent to NATO's CTS, "Cosmic Top Secret") and was made by a secret space probe named Siloe. The Vatican "deep throat" told Barbato that the space probe, ordered secretly from Lockheed Martin and equipped with a sophisticated infrared camera and electromagnetic impulse propulsion, was assembled in Area 51 (Nevada) and then launched by an Aurora-type secret hypersonic aircraft in the 1990s. The space probe Siloe, according to Barbato's contact, sent the images of the planetoid in October 1995, after it re-entered the Solar System where it would have enough power for an efficacious signal, to a secret radio telescope hidden in an unused oil refining plant in Alaska, managed solely by Jesuits belonging to the S.I.V. The radio telescope, he added, was built in 1990 to observe anomalous celestial bodies approaching the Solar System. The Vatican insider told the Italian freelance that the planetoid visible in the videotape is Planet X (the Sumerian Nibiru).

It was some years later - on April 30, 2005 - that Barbato decided to reveal this important story and to show the "Jesuit Footage" to the public. The presentation occurred at the Province Palace of Pescara (Italian city on the Adriatic Coast) at a Conference entitled "UFO? The Truth is Top Secret, from Area 51 to Planet X," organized by the "Ufobserver," an Italian cultural association in Pescara. From 2001 to 2005 Barbato worked, and is still working, to find any circumstantial evidence that could prove the existence of Nibiru (Planet X)[1] and the S.I.V. (Vatican Secret Service). About the S.I.V. he found the most important and explicit information in an historical essay, a book written by Mark Aarons and John Loftus, "Ratlines," (see chapter 1). I have found another indirect reference in an Italian essay written by Lt. Col. Umberto Rapetto and by the journalist Roberto Di Nunzio: L'atlante delle spie, BUR Publisher, Milan, 2002, chapter 5 (Lo spionaggio in porpora: il Vaticano), on page 89 in paragraph 2.3 (Le nunziature) where they talk about Robert A. Graham, a Jesuit, who in the past made an implicit remark about the existence of the Vatican Secret Service.

Disinformation or slow release of classified information? Barbato was instructed by his secret contact to spread this vitatlly important news via the media to help mankind prepare for some events which, in the future, will involve all the creatures of the Earth. For more details about his testimony and research, the reader may see the interview of the Italian Jesuit (by Cristoforo Barbato, all right reserved) which took place in Rome in 2001, translated into English and published on a well-known Canadian website:

Indirect Confirmation: Strange anomalies in the Solar System
Is there any strong indirect confirmation of the "Jesuit Footage" classified Secretum Omega? The answer is yes. The American doctor Steven M. Greer, founder and head of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project (, has recently published a book entitled "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge." In chapter 16, "Circles of Power - Behind the UFO Secrecy," he writes: [...] "The discussion was about disclosing UFO information and making contact with ETs. One man, during a break, took me out onto a balcony and said, 'You know, we understand you've had this meeting with the CIA director and are providing information to the President, but you need to know that those people don't know anything, and they're never going to know anything. [...] And you should be talking to certain think-tanks. And you should be talking to certain religious orders and certain orders of Jesuit priests who have control over the technology transfer.'" - by Steven M. Greer, MD, (c) 2006.

The cover of the book written by Steven M. Greer, MD 2006

The quote above refers to a meeting between Dr. Steven Greer and some rebel insiders that took place in December 1994 in Phoenix at Wrigley Mansion. What we can understand without a shadow of doubt is that one of them confessed to Greer that certain Jesuits control information on UFO technology and contacts with Aliens. Therefore Greer's words are an indirect confirmation of both Father Malachi Martin's testimony (see the radio interview with Art Bell, April 5, 1997) and Barbato's testimony, because Greer's statements come later and his source is different from the others.

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