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Chameleon Stars
by 'John Bro' Wilkie and 'Arcturian Kontakt'

"How the Mystery Space Machines were filmed" - Comprehensive theories of the methods used to record the John Lenard Walson / F.A.S.T. images.

Posted: 15:01 January 16, 2008

Chameleon Stars
Episode1 - F.A.S.T. Far Above Space and Time.
An Introduction Into the New Possibilities in...

Firstly, I believe that the recently recorded images are of much less value than the established methods or thoughts further provoked by these controversial recent findings. I don't care much about the 'Interstellar' video content or Mr. Walson's allegedly endeavoring to be paid for this information. I don't actually want to become embroiled in the controversy of this debate. It is simply that people around the world have been recently coming forth with like images that have been recorded over our homelands.

Firstly, let me tell you all that Mr. Walson's videos most probably are not a 'Hoax.' I also feel that the images could very well be that of U.S. military and NASA space platforms and of a highly-sensitive nature. They are possibly quite sizeable - relative to or even surpassing that of the ISS. It could be remnants of the 'Strategic Defense Initiative' hardware and surprisingly, still operational. I have read some arguments stating that this would be a major violation of 'space treaties' agreements between major nations. It is my feeling that such activities would have to be a cooperative international effort.

There is also the possibility that these 'space objects' could be of an entirely different nature. Whether or not what we are seeing is ordinary man-made satellites - 'Star Wars' tech... 'Mysterious Space Orbitors' or 'what-have-you,' people are noticing something that previously was not as self-evident.

I don't know if I would advise private individuals to attempt getting too far involved in the pursuit of this subject, apart from gleaning the information and forming their own opinions. But if individuals do wish to view and videotape these alleged machines, I am here to say that the methods used to do so are nearly childishly simple. My friends and I have been observing these possible artifacts for over a decade now.

The first time that I noticed them was back in 1994, over Los Angeles, California. When I first looked at one through a telescope, what I saw resembled a cardboard tube from an exhausted roll of bathroom tissue. I am not trying to be funny here. That really was the shape of the thing. Another time, I found one that looked like the 'Bat plane' - and I later saw the exact same shape on a video taken by a space shuttle mission. I found this to be quite an odd coincidence.

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