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Aliens and UFOs Changing Earth
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

We as a race of intelligent beings, are just now waking to the fact that we are not alone in the this vast universe. We are starting to talk about space, and seeing the galaxies of this universe as they appear on telescopes, and from space by equipment we sent into space. We are proving that there are other galaxies. More on this topic later. So much to share.

The aliens UFOs are proving that we are being monitored and are not alone on earth. The alien UFOs are here to assist us in our way of thinking. Although they have many purposes for existing and visiting earth, they are allowing people to actually see them. This is progress and speaks well of us on earth. The aliens are finally learning that we can be trusted to handle the truth without panic and fear. Instead, we are becoming witnesses.

We are becoming witnesses to the truth that alien hybrids exist and are changing the way we think of ourselves on earth. We are not alone in the universe. We are not the only species of intelligent beings on earth. We can accept the truth without any religious or governmental leaders having to accept and announce the fact to the whole population of earth. They are not in control of the aliens and the UFOs and that should be apparent.

Alien triangular UFOs exist. The closest thing that I can share is they are like a boomerang shape and depending on from what side you are seeing, depends on how your mind’s eye records the shape. I know that our stealth bomber shape that was for so long a secret on earth was taken from the alien triangular UFO.

It does not take a stretch of the imagination to figure this simple conclusion out with a human mind. We are not alone on earth and never have been. But, the secret was well kept for several reasons. No longer can the secret be kept by government and religions on earth. No longer are secrets kept by individuals that were chosen to share the truth of alien beings.

Aliens are simply intelligent beings similar to beings of earth. Aliens are intelligent beings that know much more than we do on earth. The aliens can share what they know of our historical background. The aliens have the technology that far exceeds that of earth. We can only now begins to grasp nuclear power and laser technology. But, it is as simple as knowing that there are many different languages and colors of skinned people on earth.

Alien triangular Ufos are what many of us are seeing in the United States, as well as, other countries. The alien UFOS are what was seen in Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Mexico, New York, and Florida just to name a few states in the United States.

People are believing in the alien triangular UFOs because they have witnessed them and know first hand that they exist. I am one of these people. I personally have lived with the knowledge all my life on earth. I am sharing what I know now because I am compelled too. It is like a passion, a burning fire inside that has to come out. I know that now is the time.

Now is the time for all of us to share what we know. We all are here on earth for a reason. Those of us who are bold enough to share what we know will be the better for sharing. We will feel the comforter that keeps us safe inside and out. We share because we are supposed to explore, teach, and learn what we can while on earth. This is part of the plan.

The alien triangular (boomerang) UFOs are similar to the Galaxy Universal Shuttle (GUS). The alien triangular UFOs are more up-to-date and more modern versions of GUS. There is no reason to be afraid. They will not harm beings on earth. They are not programmed to harm human beings of earth. They are simply monitoring our progress.

The newer alien triangular UFOs are capable of displaying many forms of lights in many colors. They basics are the three white lights one in front and two in the back with one red light in the middle. These are commonly used when instructed to be seen on earth.

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