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Sam is a young UFOlogist who wants to show that people of all ages can share a serious interest in UFOs. His research began in 2003 when he and two friends witnessed a Triangular shaped UFO. After two years of research Sam created a website known as Sam's UFO Files. He expanded the site back in late 2005 and it became Sam is also an active contributor to UFO Magazine, and UFODIGEST were he writes columns and voices his opinions on UFO's. You can also find Sam over at the forum were he is a regular contributor and staff member. Email Sam willey.

Drone Caught on Video
by Sam Willey

Posted: 00:00 January 6, 2008

Drone Caught on Video

The drones arrived in the summer of 2007 and since then the "drone factor" certainly has rocked the UFO world with many reported sightings and in some cases photographic evidence has been brought forward to prove the existence of these bizarre objects. But when you sit down and examine each alleged photograph taken of the drone you can't help but feel that the entire scenario is a little too good to be true.

Those keen researchers out there including myself here at will know and be used to the common image of a UFO being blurred and out of focus. The drone photographs however are perfect crystal clear images, it's like the drone was stopping by for a photo shoot not an intelligence gathering mission. You must understand by now that I am far from convinced of this drone mania especially considering CGI experts have labelled many if not all drone photographs as being very good fabrications.

When hoaxed photographs relating to a UFO case is revealed you can't help but place a grey cloud over the entire incident and simply move on to something else. But the drone enigma wasn't going away with the appearance of the one and only Isaac an engineer allegedly responsible for helping the creation of these drones during a program entitled "CARET" back in the 80's. But Isaac didn't only come with testimony; he also brought documents along for a ride which included which seemed to display plans for the strange drone mechanism. Isaac cannot confirm who he is and this detail really makes his testimony of drones being created using alien technology a difficult one to believe coming from an unknown source. With all the details in mind this drone story is extremely sketchy and I advise those who believe this entire episode to walk with caution along an already bumpy road.

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