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Searching for the Truth
(Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)
by Dennis G. Balthaser

Is There No End to the Excuses We're Given?

Having been in the military myself, and a proud life-long American supporter of our troops, I believe those military personnel in the United States that are supposedly in a position of authority, and in fact speaking for the military, are deceiving the public and in some case outright lying to us, and it must stop.

The three cases that I mentioned earlier that I have been interested in following the developments of are the Phoenix lights, the O'Hare airport case, and recently the Stephenville, Texas case. In all three cases credible witnesses have come forward asking someone to explain to them what they saw and experienced.

Of the three cases, the Phoenix lights probably had the most witnesses, with many taking photographs and video film of the event. The excuse given by those in authority and still used by skeptics and debunkers, was that the Phoenix lights were flares being dropped by the Maryland Air National Guard. Since the government is experienced in spending our tax money without accountability, why not notify the public in Phoenix that the Guard will again drop flares over the same location, same time of night and altitude, so they can again be filmed and compared with the original event.

The O'Hare airport case also had credible witnesses, (pilots and ground personnel) that witnessed a craft over the second busiest airport in the country and our government and military didn't seem concerned with National Security, waving it off as a weather phenomenon. United Airlines even tried preventing the witnesses from commenting.

And now we have the Stephenville, Texas case, again with what appear to be several credible witnesses, and the military original stated no aircraft were in the area of the sightings. "TWO WEEKS LATER", in the interest of public awareness, the military admits it was in error, and had "TEN" F-16 Fighters in the air near Stephenville on the night of the sightings. How the hell does the military loose or not be able to account for 10 F-16's, (that are not quiet), being in the area of the sightings 2 weeks later. MUFON investigators and others are still investigating the Stephenville case, and I'll await their findings, but I feel the military explanation after a 2-week delay was again unacceptable.

In all my years of doing research, I thought the Air Force had shot themselves in the foot several times, particularly with the 1997 "crash test dummies" excuse for Roswell, but I really believe they have outdone themselves with the Stephenville Texas sighting, by not accounting for ten F-16s for two weeks. How much longer will the American public have to put up with the excuses we are being given, when all we want to know is what is actually being seen by credible people who help to pay the salaries of these individuals in authority, that continue to give us lame excuses. It's time for accountability.

Dennis G. Balthaser
Web site:

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