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Fear God
Not ETs, Demonic Spirits or Monsters

by Stephen Yulish PhD

Whitley Strieber's new best selling book 2012 is subtitled War for Souls. It is my understanding that Strieber writes that when it strikes 11:11 PM on December 21, 2012, which will be the winter solstice of the last day of the Mayan calendar, spirits will appear at the ancient sites like Stonehenge and will suck the souls out of people. Once again Whitley Strieber has created a frightful scenario like his The Day after Tomorrow, which scares people. It will probably make another successful movie, but once again it falsely causes people into fearing these evil spirits rather than God. The Bible says that 'fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom' (Proverbs 9:10) but our secular society does not fear God.

I can remember all too well back in 1987 when I had been as excited about my recent purchase of Strieber's book Communion as I had been a decade earlier by Brad Steiger's books, It scared the socks off of me. It fanned the fires (no pun intended) of my interest and fears of aliens. I had been studying this phenomenon for over twenty years at that time and was recently fascinated with the concept of abductions. Communion was exactly what I had feared. It forever removed the concept of friendly aliens from my consciousness. But I was more afraid of what these aliens could do to my body than I was of a Holy God who could send me to hell for my ongoing sins. After all, I was living with a woman at the time and was involved in witchcraft, spiritism and many other blasphemies. I had been, however, more afraid of what the aliens could do to me than what God could do to me. In hindsight, I was literally playing with fire (hellfire) but was enjoying every minute of it.

Back when I was teaching at the University of Arizona in the early 80's, I had offered a graduate seminar entitled 'Alternate Conceptions of Reality.' I used books by Theodore Roszak, Jacob Needleman, Fritjof Capra, and others. I talked about Buddhism and Hinduism and the concepts of reincarnation and karma. I talked about how the soul was eternal and went on into a new body until it reached a state of Nirvana. Anyway, I had a grad student who committed suicide during one semester. His girlfriend (not his wife who was nine months pregnant) and his department chair begged me to come to his funeral which as you can imagine was really awkward considering that both the wife and girlfriend were planning on attending. When I inquired as to why I should attend, they had told me that he had really loved my class and had spoken of me often. He had never spoken to me about his girlfriend or the impending crisis in his life. My ravings about another life may have helped doom this poor soul to an eternity of torment. That event really bothered me at the time. I wondered why he had not come to me to talk, but it has bothered me all the more since I have realized that we have but one life and then face the judgment of God (Hebrews 9:27). But at that time, who knew'

The Bible says that 'the preaching of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing' (1Corinthinans 1:18). I had no idea of the gravity of my sins because everything was seemingly going well and after all sin feels good (otherwise why do it) for a while at least. I, like many people today, loved being shocked at the frailty of life but had no interest in actually finding out the real truth. If I did, than I might have had to give up my female roommate or my other sordid interests. Evolutionist Thomas Huxley, the kin of author Aldous Huxley, said over a century ago that he did not want to accept the Bible because he would have to give up all of his women. He had priorities after all and our everyday morality often dictates our beliefs for good as well as for bad.

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