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Richelle Hawks lives in Salt Lake City with her teenage son. Next year, she will be moving to a small town in upstate New York, where she has just purchased a house with her longtime partner, the paranormal writer Stephen Wagner. She has been practicing bodywork for nearly a decade, and maintains a large full time private practice. She also maintains an online bookstore, makes and sells art items, and homeschools her son. Richelle attended Washburn University, the University of Utah, and the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Her writings on the paranormal, UFOs, legends, the occult, and healing therapies can be found at . Her blog is found at She also contributes to the Women in Esoterica blog,, and has a weekly column at Binnall of America.

Going Green: The Cryptobotanical Hypothesis
by Richelle Hawks
(Copyright 2007, Richelle Hawks - All Rights Reserved)

01:11 January 25, 2008

Going Green: The Cryptobotanical Hypothesis

There are so many theories about UFOs and aliens. There's the rather straightforward extraterrestrial, nuts and bolts hypothesis that supposes the UFOs are tangible spacecraft, and the occupants within are sentient beings from another planet. Of course, there are countless theories, amendments, and even detailed mythologies within the standard ET hypothesis.

Then, there are the many interdimensional, socio-cultural, religious, hyperdimensional, quantum, etc. theories. There is no shortage of speculation. It seems every possible idea has been placed under the microscope of possibility, and every fathomable lens has been affixed, in trying to understand the phenomena.

In his book, The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry J. Allen Hynek writes, "The part we ignore…may contain the clue to the whole subject." But what possible "part" of the ufological experience can have possibly remained ignored or mostly overlooked after all this time and exhaustive philosophizing? We have all kinds of UFO and alien theories revolving around lost civilizations, time travelers, evolved dinosaurs and sea mammals, tulpas, collective projections, hostile takeovers, demonic and angelic forces, and on and on.

We've been struggling for answers and clues while focusing on the entities, focusing on the craft, so those aspects have not been ignored. To taking Hynek's suggestion literally, it may be wise to see if there's an associated vine that silently and unimposingly weaves its way through all aspects of the UFO phenomenon; something ubiquitous in almost every narrative, on a large and/or small scale, as are the craft or the aliens. Something that is taken for granted yet undeniably present. I suggest there is: plant life.

The examples of botanical presence in the UFO phenomenon are overwhelming. UFOs are often seen in forests, and in fields. They are even seen collecting soil samples in these places and even in the cities as well. This idea of "collecting soil samples" is often used to convey the idea of high strangeness-for some reason, the idea that aliens would be interested in soil has struck us, and it has stuck. Even some of our canned cultural aphorisms about UFOs, such as "why haven't aliens landed on the white house lawn," and "little green men from Mars," include botanical notions.

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