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Jesus Christ The Man:
Fact Or Fiction

by Ron Murdock

13:48 January 26, 2008

Jesus ChristWhile it is not for me to discredit or undermine the teachings of the New Testament, it is easy to get caught up in the cult of celebrity by focussing more on the messenger than the message. So was Jesus a real historical person or just a metaphor of various teachers from the past?

The Bible is primarily a historical document and everytime one reads something from history it is wise to ask if this is what actually happened. It's wise to develop a skeptical attitude to sift out the good information from the questionable.

While some religions are more into mental and social conditioning, there are others that do their best to promote compassion. Another thing they do is to show how all things in life are connected. One must find how to appreciate the mysteries of Life as it is uplifting to do this from time to time rather than just deal with the mundane every day. It would be interesting to see where the human race would be if it started to live tolerance and understanding on a wide scale as opposed to being part of the us versus mentality.

I don't believe in the virgin birth or the physical resurrection of Jesus as I find there is no reason to do so unless I was there personally to see what happened first hand.

Taking someone's word on any topic isn't a wise thing to do as it's being told what to think or believe. Both are a gulliable way of doing things.

If Jesus isn't who he claimed to be, what is the big deal? Jesus was to have lived 2000 years ago. During this time span how easy it for anyone person or group to put words into Jesus's mouth, knowing he isn't around to set the record straight?

What needs to be done is to examine all the evidence at hand. That way we can do a better job in getting at the truth rather than just accepting anything on blind faith.

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