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OUT OF THE BLACK: Majic Musings

"Majic" Musings

by Vince White

(Copyright 2007, Vince White - all Rights Reserved)

(Edited by Robert Morningstar)

Posted: 16:33 January 3, 2008

These comments are merely to catalyze open debate and dialogue on these issues.
Hopefully, they will provoke added efforts by many to further the investigative summary, which I have done.

This essay is directed towards those who still think we have had little or no success in duplicating UFO propulsion. It is also directed to those who wonder what "secret space fleets" refer to, as in the recent postings.

My conclusions, developed over years of investigation, are not proof, but like real intelligence or investigative estimates, somewhat incomplete and circumstantial.

The long, long UFO cover up, has piled evidence skyscraper high. Mountains of sightings, strange events, masses of evidence of extreme relentless cover up, with deep military intelligence involvement. This most researchers agree with to a varying degree. If this is not basic truth, we have only illusion , and madness reigns, for the explanation of the last 60 years.

Yet a type of madness, a failure of analytical nerve has afflicted people in general, and many UFOlogists, in particular. To the shame of our research community, there is a refusal to look at the next step.

As generals fight the latest war & planning "The Last War," UFOlogists are looking in the rear-view mirror, ignoring the swarm of events, sources, sightings, leaks, and copious congruencies, that point towards scientific, technological and engineering triumphs of the first magnitude.

The best damned engineering we humans have ever done is buried in blackness and flown by brave pilots with virtually no recognition by the society that funded them.

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