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The Priory of Sion
and American Politics

by Mary Alice Bennett

Posted: 11:52 January 21, 2008

RENNES LE CHATEAU. Photo credit: Gérard B

It is an ancient feud that fuels the right-wing conspiracy theorists of today. Despite current events after 9/11, fundamentalist preachers still interpret the Apocalyptic Antichrist as coming out of the European Union. What is the source of their suspicion concerning such organizations as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberger Society? It all goes back to the DaVinci Code and the guardians of the royal Davidic Bloodline in southern France.

Since January 17th is the Rennes le Chateau version of the solstice phenomenon of the sun shining through the stained glass window onto the statue of St. Anthony and upon the gilded rosettes on the opposite wall, it is a good day to write about the modern Priory of Sion and how it is viewed by the fundamentalist right.

The Priory of Sion was founded to be the protector of the Davidic Bloodline in Templar times. In modern times it is made up of that family itself. Its current incarnation is recognized as various international organizations. It is these groups who are the target of the fundamentalist conspiracy writers who are taking up the cause fought by the Vatican for many centuries. The French Merovingian Davidic line through Jesus was a serious challenge to the authority of Rome both politically and spiritually. If they gained rule in Jerusalem they could replace the Pope as the world`s highest spiritual and temporal authority. It is for this reason that they are enemies.

It was the Priory working behind the scenes who organized Europe into the European Union, the EU. They sought to prevent another world war. Their power is still suspect. Since they are a Jewish line, the return of the Jews to Israel was not as enthusiastically supported by Rome as it might have been. The Vatican has had a long-standing agreement with the Arabs about the Catholic holy sites and they did not want any outside interference.

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