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Alexandra HolzerAlexandra Holzer is a member of the SCBWI Organization,, and Her father is the original ghost hunter, published Author Professor Hans Holzer, Ph.D of 163 plus titles in the genres of parapsychology, the supernatural, religion and healing. Most famous for "Amityville Horror: The Possession", "Ghosts", "America's Haunted Houses" and most recently "The Journey of the Magi" and "Murder in Amityville: Fact or Fiction". While raising four incredible children, she wrote children's short stories, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy novels, screenplays and supernatural horror thrillers. Alexandra's complete bio is available here. Alexandra's new book 'Lady Ambrosia' has Field Nominated for the Printz Award for Young Adult Literature by the American Library Association.

'Spirit Talk'
by Alexandra Holzer
The Re-Visit of The Case of
Mrs. T and Her Haunting - PART II

Posted: 12:27 January 1, 2008

The Re-Visit of The Case of<br>Mrs. T and Her Haunting

I left this investigation off knowing we would have to go back and discuss further what we were experiencing. I have decided to include the second half of this case with having Ray Rolando, my transmedium speaks to you from his perspec-tive and experience.

Although I am sensitive and able to have 'sight' and impressions, my job was to be more scientific and go on what I was told prior, during and after. Rarely does the transmedium have the opportunity to explain in greater detail, the case itself and usually the investigator-tor lays it out for the reader. Here, I would like to turn the spirit tables for a change and allow Ray to shed some new light on such an old, ever-changing and tattered topic.

He felt that there was no doubt in his mind that the spirits crossed to the light that night. He was left with the question to have me pose onto my father, what does it mean when a single home has power enough to allow multiple, yet separate, energetic manifestations in the house-hold?

Both Ray and I think the energy in the home is so crazy that the vortex is almost ever-present even though we crossed one family. What we didn't do is make sure that we ended/closed the vortex.

I now turn that spirit table onto my transmedium, Ray Rolando:

Ray asks the basic question of what is ghost hunting? According to Wikipedia ( hunting), "Ghost hunting is the process of investigating locations said to be haunted."

"I suppose that makes me a ghost hunter. I never thought of myself as "one who hunts beings of the paranormal variety"; then again, I never thought of myself as a psychic, medium, or healer either… but I am.

A recently re-discovered psychic and newly discovered medium, I have recently "connected" with a very special individual. Her name is Alexandra and she happens to be the Original Ghost Hunting heiress to none other than her father, Dr. Hans Holzer.

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