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John MilorJohn W. Milor is an author of several books, and radio talk show guest for numerous programs, including the Art Bell show. His interest in understanding paranormal phenomenon began at the age of five after hearing his great grandmother?s tale of seeing a UFO hovering over the plains of Kentucky during broad daylight, shortly following the turn of the century. This story, as well as numerous otherworldly encounters of his own, fueled his quest of the unknown. His life literally became an episode of the X-Files on a number of occasions, when he reached the age of twenty one, and was visited by none other than Jesus Christ, in a vision. Since that time, Milor has become a born again Christian, yet continues to investigate paranormal phenomenon, now with a Bible in one hand, and research documentation in the other hand. John has earned two Associates degrees and a Bachelor degree in Business, and works as a Master Sergeant in the Air National Guard. He lives with his family in Fresno, California. All are invited to visit his website to read all his books; they are posted online in their entirety for free reading: Milor operates a MySpace website @, and welcomes emails as well:

Why Do Ghosts Exist?
by John W. Milor
(Copyright 2008, John W. Milor - All Rights Reserved)

13:15 January 4, 2008

Why Do Ghosts Exist?

The title of this article implies that the existence of ghosts is a reality. This might seem to be an odd statement coming from a born again Christian, but I can honestly say that ghosts are real not because of any particular experience I've had, (of which I've had a number of them), but because their existence is clearly documented in the Bible. The Bible tells us why ghosts exist, and also provides a few details about different types of ghosts, as well as phenomenon that could be confused as being ghosts but actually isn't. The Bible also explains the danger of communicating with ghosts, as well as the cure for ghosts, in the event that they are 'infecting' places or even people.

In short, the Bible is the definitive source for knowing anything anyone would ever want to know about ghosts, which makes it somewhat ironic that many Christians simply label all 'ghostly' phenomena as demonic and forget about it, or conclude that ghosts don't exist, when in fact that clearly do.

The first mention of a ghost in the Bible is in Genesis 4:9-12, where Cain killed his brother Abel, and God heard Abel's blood cry up from the ground. Why might this scripture speak of Abel's blood? Perhaps it has something to do with an easily overlooked passage in Leviticus 17:10-15, where it states that the life of the flesh is in the blood. In short, Genesis 4:9-12 is saying that the life of Abel's flesh is crying out to God from within the Earth, beyond the grave.

One could try to turn this into a symbolic interpretation, but the writer of Hebrews 11:4 would disagree, for it is stated therein that by faith, Abel was able to speak to God, even though he was dead, no pun intended. There you go; a ghost mentioned in the Bible, and the first born of the human race at that.

While Cain murdering his brother was not in God's original plan, obviously, the event set a precedent. For those that know of the passage, God cursed Cain after this event. This curse is later formalized in Numbers 35:33-34, where it states that murder defiles a land and the only way to cleanse the land is by the blood of the offender. In other words, when blood is spilled unjustly, the ground where the event occurred will be cursed until justice is met.

So ghosts exist primarily to serve as beacons of justice, though there might be other reasons why God mandated the curse that enables them to enter into our domain. God gave Abel the extraordinary faith to speak beyond the grave, for the purpose of indicting Cain's actions. Abel would not rest until justice was met. In that vein, we see the same scenario played over and over again, in almost every haunting case that involves murder. And sometimes on rare occasion, a curse is lifted, because those voices are heard, the truth comes out, and justice is served. There's even a movie based on a true story, called To Catch a Killer, to prove this point.

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