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Alien Abductions Stopped
By the Name of Jesus Christ

by Stephen Yulish PhD

Nearly twenty years ago, when I was once confronted by demons, I cried out the name of Jesus Christ and they fled. Try it next time that you are confronted by a fallen angel masquerading as an extraterrestrial. But then, I am just a writer and a disseminator of Godís word. I am not a member of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) or an expert or an investigator into alien abduction phenomena.

One group specializing in this is the CE4 Research Group based in Cocoa, Florida on the Space Coast near the Kennedy Space Center. They refer to themselves as an UFO and Alien Investigations and Alien Abduction Termination Team. The President is Joe Jordan who is also the MUFON State Section Director and Field Investigator for Brevard County, Florida, He along with Guy Malone of the Alien resistance Headquarters in Roswell, New Mexico and Dr. Chris Ward of Logos Christian Fellowship of Leesburg, FL make up the CE4 Research group which is the first group to publish documented cases (over 50) on their website of abductions being halted by calling on the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

The Ce4 Research Group is the investigative and counseling arm of the group

These men are all born again, Bible believing Christians like I am but they are experts in abduction cases and can counsel you on how to use the name of Jesus Christ to ward off these attacks. Check them out. Tell Joe that I sent you. You wonít be sorry.

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