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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingBobby Morrison, currently an IT Specialist with the Federal Government, has had a fascination with UFO's his entire life. An Air Force brat, his father spent 30 years in the Air Force as an OSI Agent. To this day, I never knew what he his father did; only that he was the dad I never had. Gone for long periods of time he was seldom home, and whatever secrets he had he took the grave with him. My father was also an abductee, as well as my grandfather. I am the latest in the long line of generational experiencers. You can contact Bobby by email at

Understanding Our Alien Visitors
by Bobby Morrison

(Copyright 2009 Bobby Morrison)

Posted: 13:00 January 30, 2009

Understanding Our Alien Visitors
After turning out the lights on the evening of January 21, 2009, I really did not give the aliens much thought, and I looked forward to a good night's sleep. The lights were off around 7pm like always and while lying in bed waiting to drift off to sleep, I turned my head to one side, to the left facing the window. I was not trying to find something, just adjusting my pillow to get comfortable.

I suddenly see a dark figure running from in front of the window and across the foot of the bed. And let me tell you, this Grey could move. An Olympic champion if ever there was one, this alien could haul ass. No human can go from zero to the speed this Grey moved. Again, like most of the alien forms I see in my house, this figure was human shaped this figure and leaning forward in a fast running position, with both elbows bent and the arms parallel to the ground. It was so fast, that what I witnessed was a snapshot as it moved past at this incredible speed. The alien immediately became invisible once it realized my mind had taken a split second snapshot.

This alien was about five feet or so in height, and a darkish/gray color it appeared to me. I could clearly distinguish the arms and the aliens head turned my direction looking at me. WOW, reality at its finest. And never having seen one arrive in such a hurried manor and with such amazing speed, I was taken back and totally surprised.

Now I know someone reading this might say how can you see a dark figure at night with the lights off? A reasonable question and let me explain how, which I should have done long ago when ever I mention seeing dark figures in the bedroom. I admit I have neglected to explain how I can see a dark figure in a dark room.

Sometime in February 2008 after some rather horrifying abductions, or rather abductions gone wrong, my wife and I started sleeping with a light on. This light is in the hallway, but does not shine directly into the bedroom, but rather the light is indirect light. So the inside of the bedroom is not completely black, but rather well lit from this indirect light. At the time of these horrifying abductions about a year ago, we decided to start leaving a light on, and at first we left the bedroom light on, but after several nights of little or no sleep we decided on the hallway light which did not shine directly into the bedroom. Hope this helps clear up how I can see a dark figure, the chosen method of the aliens when the show themselves to me.

As I stated, I was quite taken back by seeing this dark bastard moving across the bedroom at such a speed. As it took up position on the right side of the room, I was fully expected to see more of them move at this speed. I realized there was more than one, generally at least two, but most of time there are three aliens that show up. I tried to catch them moving out of the corner of my eye, but never did get a good glimpse of either of the other two aliens.

I often see these Grey's in this darkish black/gray form, but most often the features are not as defined in the human like form like this one was. This is the first time I have witnessed them at this speed though, as in the past they moved much slower. I figured this dude was attempting to get in position before I noticed him and that is why he chose this incredible speed. I wish I could run like that. I really don't think muscles were in any way involved in something moving this fast.

As I lay there thinking about what I just witnessed, cold chills overcame my body. I don't know why because I am no longer scared of them, but each encounter is a little different. I assume it was seeing a dark human figure moving at incredible speed that spooked me. I want to emphasis again the speed. Unless you have witnessed aliens in action, one cannot appreciate the speed they can move when they want to. How fast? I have no idea, but much faster than any human ever born, or ever will be born can move. Unless we are taking about hybrids, well, then that is another subject all together better left for another article.

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