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Publisher's Note: I received the following email from Lewis Brackett on January 23, 2009 and asked him if I could share his email with my readers. He agreed and although I don't necessarily agree with his views and opinions I thought many of you may find the contents of some interest. Dirk

The Great UFO, Aliens and
Remote Viewing Deception

by Lewis Brackett

Posted: 11:30 January 25, 2009

The Nephilim UFOs are likely para-physical vehicles that transit between the parallel universe (the eternal heaven) and our physical reality (our universe) which is why they appear and disappear suddenly. I doubt we have duplicated them.

In the days of Noah, the genetics of most of humanity had been corrupted through genetic experiments combining the human and demon seed. Today, as in the days of Noah, the demonic intelligences are once again doing this so that the Nephilim walk among us. That is what the abductions are all about.

I joked recently that all the Nephilim are liberals but I was not sure if all the liberals were Nephilim:).

Those people having out of body experiences "REMOTE VIEWING" are having their minds and/or soul merged with these great demonic Beings and are seeing what these beings are seeing (or want you to see) as they glide invisibly throughout the earth.

People under the influence of drugs, alcohol, deep eastern meditation and Hypnosis are very susceptible to having their mind and soul seized and used by these beings. Hypnosis is no more scientific when done by a doctor than by a medicine man. Its result is the implanting of false memories guided by demonic creatures. Hitler was an extreme example of demonic possession. He went looking for them; they found and co-opted him for their plan and mission. Hitler was channeling these great demonic beings in all his speeches. The spirit guides of the Nazi elite drove them to their madness. They terrorized Hitler endlessly as they do with all those foolish enough to make contact with them.

These rebel angels (demons) have been appearing to people pretending to be God's angels throughout history, the "Our Lady of Fatima" incident is a good example. They are also the spooky creatures invading people's bedrooms :). People should not get excited about miracles because Lucifer and his rebel angels can do miracles too.

In My Humble Opinion the Nephilim and demons will attempt to prove they are space aliens and will deceive most people as to mankind's origin here on earth. Remember the movie "Independence day"? It will be something like that.

You have to realize that the Bible is a true history book. There are three heavens, the atmosphere, the starry heavens, and the parallel universe called the infinite eternal abode of GOD. God's Loyal angels AND the fallen angels and HIS other created creatures inhabit this realm. They can and do step from this "other" universe into our Existence.

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