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Michael Gintowt has a long standing interest in both the paranormal and the “normal” sciences. He received a Masters degree in psychology, having studied at the Centre for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology, at Concordia University, Montreal. Martial arts keeps him grounded, as does his day job, working as a supervisor in the field of children’s mental health. He has studied shamanism, ecopsychology, hypnosis, divination arts, psychoactive drugs, the psychology of persuasion and mind control, altered states of consciousness and neuroscience. You can visit Michael's website at or email him at

Study reveals surprisingly high tolerance for racism:
implications for exopsychology

by Michael Gintowt

Posted: 12:49 January 9, 2008

One stated goal of exopsychology is to build upon existing research in psychology, to inform and understand potential reactions to eventual, possible, probable or inevitable contact (take your pick) with Extraterrestrial Life. Racism studies in particular may provide us with data to support or refute various hypotheses.

If it is true, for example, that there is an Extraterrestrial species sometimes called the “nordics”, with blond hair and blue eyes, what are the implications? How would most of the world react to that, given the history of European and American conquest and colonization? How would white supremacists react to a nordic species?

I certainly hope there are no “nordics”, as described in the literature, because the problems and implications presented by such an appearance would add a nasty element to an already complex scenario.

What if we encountered a humanoid species that was markedly Asian, or Negroid in appearance? Is humanity really ready for such contact? I think it is fair to speculate that, until people can accept each other, it will be difficult to accept a humanoid that is not even from Earth.

This study, from 2006, for example, shows that as early as three months, babies develop preferences for the race they are exposed to. Until the day arrives when children are raised in the company of ET, we can expect, given the available data, that there will be racism (do we need a new word here, such as humanoidism?), or at least an unconscious bias against ET.

Another study appearing in the January 9 Issue of Science reports on research conducted that supports, yet again, the evidence that non-blacks have an unconscious bias against blacks. An excerpt:

Non-black participants who experienced a racial slur against a black person did not get as upset or react against the racist remark as they predicted they would, according to a study published in the Jan. 9 issue of the journal Science. This acquiescence in the face of racism leads to its perpetuation, because numerous studies have shown that people confronted after making slurs are much less likely to repeat the behavior in public or in private, said John Dovidio, Yale psychologist and a co-author of the study.

“We have an unconscious bias that affects us in significant ways,” Dovidio said.

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