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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingBobby Morrison, currently an IT Specialist with the Federal Government, has had a fascination with UFO's his entire life. An Air Force brat, his father spent 30 years in the Air Force as an OSI Agent. To this day, I never knew what he his father did; only that he was the dad I never had. Gone for long periods of time he was seldom home, and whatever secrets he had he took the grave with him. My father was also an abductee, as well as my grandfather. I am the latest in the long line of generational experiencers. You can contact Bobby by email at

Aliens and Abductions
2008 Year in Review - February
by Bobby Morrison

(Copyright 2009 Bobby Morrison)

Posted: 16:00 January 26, 2009

Aliens and Abductions
It's early February 2008, and once again while asleep one night, I felt a fog/cloud/powerful force come over me and envelope me. It settled over me and covered my entire body and I then felt a tractor beam pulling me upward. This cloud like apparition not only settled upon me, but I could feel it wrapping my body entirely. I started screaming, as my wife and I agreed that each one would be close enough to wake the other if we heard strange noises or sounds coming from the other. My wife says I was making sounds like a scream and she immediately woke me. Each time this happens, the abduction (if that's what it is) stops and all seems well. But I was still under a deep sleep and even though I remember waking up I immediately fell back into a deep coma like state of sleep.

This particular event was not as severe as the two previous days when it resembled living a horrible dream. I felt myself enveloped and felt a powerful force starting to take my body, I felt very light like floating, and then it was over after I started screaming. And as far as I know, nothing else happened during the night.

And like a similar experience last month, another strange event had appeared immediately before I noticed the cloud overtake my body. I was several feet above the bed watching myself, and like before I cannot begin to explain what was happening. How in the world could I be watching myself being abducted? I actually saw my body being wrapped and then raised off the bed. No way in hell this could happen. Could it have been a dream? Yes, it could have, but it was not a dream, an abduction gone wrong, a reality rather than a dream.

The only possible explanation I can possible come up with is that my soul had left the body and would not return until the aliens were done with my body. I know this makes no sense, not to me. I don't believe in this stuff. I believe when we die, we die, end of story, period. No heaven, no hell, just dust to dust. Shows the extent of my knowledge but unless I have proof, I don't tend to take faith as any more than conjecture and theory.

So this brings me to a question. Have I been able to actually prevent three abductions from taking place? In asking that question, I'm not assuming that an abduction did not take place later without my knowledge, because it certainly could have. But what has happened to prevent me from stopping three abductions?

I really feel like I am getting more control over this phenomenon and I sure feel better about it. In thinking about these abductions I was able to stop, I see a pattern. Sunday night was the worst horror ever, and after making noises of some kind, whether screaming, grunting, crying, whatever it may have been, suddenly I was let go of, and I suddenly woke up. Then on Monday night, another horror with the loud clanging sounds, and it felt like I was suspended in the air. Once awake I realized that I had prevented another abduction. So it's getting easier to overcome the abduction, dare I say this?

Is it possible to prevent an abduction from ever happening again? I don't think so, as I believe that these aliens will find a way to overcome my new found control which they never had a problem with before. Now they have to return home empty handed, and I wonder if they got called into the office and had to answer for their failure to bring in fresh meat for the assembly line. It sounds strange talking it these terms, humans as guinea pigs or fresh meat. But that's what I am, I am a lab rat. I am a laboratory animal, a human yes, but still an laboratory animal. And still taken against my will for whatever purposes these Grey's have scheduled for me this night.

About the third week of February 2008 while trying to get to sleep one night, I suddenly feel myself being knocked out. For years I never knew what this was, but I'm getting to know the feeling very well now, and where it comes from. It's certainly not normal sleep. I'm wide awake, and I suddenly find myself drifting into a coma-like state. I immediately realize that this state is not normal sleep, because I have experienced this 'knock out' effect perhaps many thousands of times. The difference now, is that I recognize this as one of the signs, and correctly interpreted this 'knock out'. The bastards can't wait in the wings any longer; they want me out for my trip upstairs.

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