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Theory and Observations About The Training Aliens Put Humans Through
by Bobby Morrison

(Copyright © 2009 Bobby Morrison)

Posted: 16:00 January 9, 2009

Theory and Observations About The Training Aliens Put Humans Through

After many months and much thought given the subject of abductees' and the 'training' given by the alien abductors who take us on our nightly adventures, I have a different take on this subject. It appears most if not all abductees report training sessions by the aliens. I can vividly recall, in detail one training session I was involved in several months ago which I will examine later in this document.

I have purchased and read many books from well know authors in the field of UFO' and alien abductions. One book I particularly enjoyed was "The Threat, The Secret Agenda, What the Aliens Really Want…And How They Plan to Get It" by Dr. David Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs's research using regressive hypnosis with many abductees' brought to light many amazing aspects of alien abductions. One aspect of his findings involved the training that humans apparently all go through at one time or another, or perhaps goes through on a continuous basis. The subject of alien training and its purpose seemed to be that alien's were preparing abductees for some future events where abductees will be needed by the aliens.

Abductees are told they are special people and they have been selected by the aliens for a special purpose here on Earth. The alien's often show their human abductees' visual shows on a large wall. These visual representations are intended to show the future of Earth and may indicate what the abductees will be required to do on behalf of the aliens at some future time. I myself have had the opportunity to watch these graphic representations on a large wall, and I have never understood what their intention or meaning is. For my entire life I have been led to believe that alien's and human's had a positive relationship with each other. The alien's had convinced me that I am special, and that they are training me for some special future event.

I have to agree that abductees are special people, but unfortunately, it's a group that I want no part of. But I like every other abductee were taken against our will and we have no choice in this matter. My grandfather and his family were part of the abduction phenomenon. My father, my aunts and uncles, and their children are all are part of this phenomenon. My brothers and sisters and their children are part of this. My children and their children are now part of this. And now, my wife's relatives who have visited and stayed with us a few days in the past are regrettably part of this. Where does it end we might ask? It does not end; this is a continuous journey many humans face from cradle to grave. The fortunate humans are the ones who don't know what is happening to them. The really fortunate humans are the ones who don't live with the horror of abductions and will never know what an alien looks like or what the inside of their craft look like. From a young child I had a strong fascination with UFO's, but at no time growing up have I believed in alien abductions or interaction between humans and aliens. This was the stuff of science fiction books and movies. My life was full of odd and strange occurrences. In my early teens I believed the beings that came into my room at night were simply ghosts, as they never hurt me, only scared me as I lay in bed and shook uncontrollably at the sight of them. The next morning I would have no memory of any strange people coming into my bedroom. It wasn't until it happened they appeared again, and I relieved the entire episode as if it was the first time I had experienced it. I never did have any memory of previous visitations, each was the first time.

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