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Ronald Nussbeck is the author of two books The Deception and Retribution. Out of 10,0000 authors in Publish America stable his books ranked #1 for over four months and are sold in 24 countries worldwide. His books can be found on and hundreds of books stores online, just Google his name. He has researched UFOs for over 10 years and has worked with Ron Montgomery/Stewart a Scientist who developed PPP-Penetrating Photographic Process in developing images of UFOs and aliens. He has had many articles written about his work by Ian Brockwell who published several articles on UFODIGESTPAST.COM. He has done extensive work in the Scientific community on UFOs. You can email Ronald at

UFO: Debunkers Fail in Challenge
of Nasa Photos

by Ronald Nussbeck

Posted: 01:15 January 16, 2009

On August 16, 2008 a $10,000.00 challenge was offered for anyone who could prove the NASA STS 75 SHUTTLE TETHER SHUTTLE MISSION Photos that were enhanced by PPP-Penetrating Photographic Process were not real. A second challenge issued on UFODIGESTPAST.COM on December 12, 2008 www.UFODIGESTPAST.COM and a third challenge was made public on January 3, 2009: EXAMINER.COM here.

To date 6 challenges have been made but all offered only their theory's that had no scientific basis and not one of the challengers provided any proof the Photos were not real or decedents of NASA's original photo. Some of the Challengers complained that they should not have to prove the Photos are not real, can you believe it?

Debunkers don't believe they should have to prove anything and that their words should trump Scientific proof but a new dawn has risen and now DEBUNKERS must prove all sighting are not real or they will be considered real from now on.

In the past Debunkers used ridicule and shame to keep UFOs and Alien sightings from being reported without any scientific proof. Debunkers ignored the fact that man has sent space vehicles to the end of our solar system in the last 70 years and believe man is the only SPECIES in the universe capable of space travel. Debunkers ignore all scientific proof of Alien's existence and when a real challenge arises the Debunkers run for cover or try the old tactics of ridicule to achieve their goal of destroying the presenters. A close friend of mine who is a Chemical Scientist with an IQ of 178 had this to say about Debunkers recently, "Debunkers fail to realize that the chemical reaction that created the evolutionary process on Earth is certainly duplicated billions of times across the Cosmos. These Chemical processes that caused man to arise on Earth by measurements of time likely happened millions of years after the interplant's evolution in our own Galaxy. The Earth which is on the outer band of the Galaxy formed some 9 billion years later after the inter planets of our Galaxy".

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